Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (2023)

SMS apps that can receive 2022 verification codes.If you've spent any time online, you probably know that many services and apps rely on phone numbers for authentication. For example, when you create a Google account, phone verification is required. How to get a free SMS phone number?


SMS apps that can receive verification codes

Not only does Google require a phone number for verification, but so do virtually every major service, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For tech companies, phone verification is extremely beneficial as it prevents spam and abuse. Text application that allows verification codes.

However, many users are reluctant to share their personal information.phone numberson each website. Your phone number can be used to verify internet accounts, but what if it's misused?

Few companies on the internet collect cell phone numbers from third parties. The only reason why people frequently receive spam and telemarketing calls is exactly this: virtual phone number apps can easily avoid these problems.SMS apps that can get verification codes for free🇧🇷 Best apps to check numbers for free.

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List of Top 10 Virtual Phone Number Apps for Android

Virtual phone number apps for Android are plentiful and provide users with an alternative phone number. Signing up for web services or applications can be done with a secondary phone number. SMS apps that can receive verification codes 2022. We will review some of the best virtual phone number apps for android in this article.

1.eSIM number: second phone number

Numero eSIM, on the other hand, is an Android app that lets you buy a second phone number. It can provide you with a virtual phone number in over 80 countries and 3000 cities around the world.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (1)

The virtual number that Numero eSIM gives is compatible with WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and a wide variety of other applications. SMS apps that can get verification codes for free.

2.TalkatoneSMS Apps That Can Get Verified

Each user who enrolls in this program will receive a free US virtual phone number. Users can register with their email address and start making and receiving calls.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (2)

In addition to making phone calls, Talkatone can also be used to send and receive text messages. Compared to other apps, however, the costs of calling a service are extremely high.

3.Engraver: smartphone numbers

On the list, Burner is a paid program that allows the user to choose their own phone number. The software has phone numbers from around 40 countries that can be used to verify identity. However, you have to pay $1.9 for each phone number purchased through the app.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (3)

4.TextPlusSMS Apps That Can Get Verified

This software also provides a virtual phone number for verification purposes. One of the most popular communication apps, it gives users their own unique US phone number which they can use for a variety of things.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (4)

There's just one problem, this app has occasionally been flagged as spam by Google services or accounts. The free phone number for Google verification. This means you cannot use it when creating a Google account. Also, the software works perfectly for all other types of account verification!

5.next more

Next Plus is undoubtedly one of the best and highest rated virtual phone number apps on the Play Store. The app provides users with an alternate phone number that can be used to verify their identity.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (5)

The virtual phone number works with all major apps and services which is a plus.

6.Hidden anonymous phone numbers

As the name suggests, the purpose of this program is to provide users with a virtual phone number that they can use to verify their accounts anonymously. This software is fantastic because it doesn't share any personal information with third parties.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (6)

Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers is another great virtual phone number app available now. Free SMS apps that can receive verification codes.


Sideline may be the best choice for you if you are looking for flexible and personal communication software for your Android to reach consumers or team members. With Sideline you can create your own number.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (7)

You can search area codes for a second phone number for your business or small business to set up a custom number.

8.TalkUSMS Apps That Can Get Verified

TalkU is one of the best and top rated Android apps for free and cheap phone calls over WiFi or mobile data.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (8)

Interestingly, TalkU offers a free local phone number that you can use to make free calls and send free SMS. The local phone number can be used for online verification, obtaining OTPs and other purposes.

9.2nd line

If you live in the United States or Canada and are looking for a virtual phone number, 2ndLine may be your best option. With 2ndLine you can quickly get a local phone number to gift your friends.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (9)

2ndLine is free in the US and Canada, but requires a premium plan for international calls. Toll Free US Number for SMS Verification.

10.skype number

A Skype Number is not an application but a feature that can be added to the Skype service. Skype Number is available in over 26 countries and territories worldwide.

Text messaging apps that can receive 2022 verification codes (10)

Users can purchase a Skype Number from any of the 26 countries/regions. Users can share their Skype Number with friends, family and other contacts to make and receive calls after purchasing it. Get a toll free US phone number for verifications.

11. SendHub

SendHub is a popular mobile calling program that can help you generate your own free US phone number or landline. This app is easy to install on any Android or iOS device. However, to get the verification code, you need to already have the pre-existing US or Canada phone number. Don't worry if you don't have a US phone number; You can obtain one using the programs provided above. Then you can use this program to generate another phone number at no additional cost.

With SendHub, you can send text messages not only to one person, but also to multiple groups at the same time. Free text app that can receive verification codes. Also, you can share files and documents with the group. If you use this US phone number for business then the cool feature of presenting stats is amazing.

Don't hesitate to get your free US phone number with the SendHub app.

12. GoHeyWire app

GoHeyWire is another mobile app that can generate FREE US phone lines for you. US phone numbers created by this app which can be used to text others. Unlike other apps, the person does not need to have this messaging app to reply to the SMS. Users can send a direct text message on their smartphone.

Getting a FREE phone number is as easy as installing the app. It's easy and quick to complete. The good news is that there are other surprising aspects that need to be addressed. Lack of internet speed is not a big obstacle for this app. Even a slow internet connection is not a problem. It works well and delivers results quickly. Still, free text messages can be sent to US and Canadian phone numbers. SMS apps that can get verification codes for free 2022.

Get your free US phone number now with the GoHeyWire app.

13. Google Voice - SMS Apps That Can Get Verified

Google Voice Number can give you a FREE US phone number, but there are some limitations. First of all, this software is only available in certain parts of the world. Second, to generate a number, you must already have a US phone number. The above apps can be used to generate your free US phone number for this purpose. Thirdly, you need to create a Google Voice account to get a free US phone number. SMS apps that can receive verification codes 2021 for free.

You can also use the Google Voice Number app while in the US to prank your friends by making anonymous calls. Google Voice has no hidden fees and offers unlimited calling, instant messaging, voicemail transcription and voicemail greeting.

Do you have a solution? Get a free US phone number with Google Voice number.

Here is the list of other alternative apps to get free US phone number:

  • send me a text message
  • GoDaddy Smartline
  • toque
  • line 2
  • protect me
  • free tone
  • CloudPhone
  • Ring4
  • WhatsCall
  • iPulm
  • line up
  • telephone
  • numbers more
  • Candy
  • Free Text
  • telos
  • virtual phone


So there you have it: a list of the best Android apps to verify phone numbers using virtual approaches. Let us know if you know of any other similar apps in the comments section below. Hope you found this material useful! Please pass this on to your friends as well.

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What texting app lets you receive verification codes? ›

vNu is an app providing FREE phone numbers from different locations for online usage, to help people hide their phone numbers in online activity and receive OTP (One Time Password) Verification codes while they sign-up to/use online services, apps and websites.

Can TextFree receive verification codes? ›

Verification calls and/or texts are supported, but only with a paid subscription to TextFree Plus. Accounts that do not have an active TextFree Plus subscription will be unable to receive verification calls and/or texts.

Can TextMe receive verification code? ›

We currently support automated verification texts from limited companies. If you are using a free number, and if TextMe supports the company's verification messages, you will be asked to purchase your number in order to receive the verification code.

Can you receive verification codes with TextNow? ›

For safety reasons, only TextNow numbers that are locked in (either through our lock in number subscription, Ad-Free+, or our wireless service) can receive verification codes. You can find the upgrade that works best for you in the "My Store" section of the TextNow app menu.

Can Talkatone receive verification codes? ›

Whatsapp, PayPal, Facebook and Bank accounts' verification codes are not arriving to my Talkatone number. Short-code messages and verification codes are only available with our subscriptions or when you purchase credits.

Is there another way to get a verification code? ›

Get a text or phone call

If you don't have a trusted device handy, you can have a verification code sent to your trusted phone number as a text message or phone call.

WhatsApp cant verify my number? ›

Reboot your phone (To reboot your phone, turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, and turn it back on). Delete and reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp. Send a test SMS message from any phone to your own phone number exactly as you entered it in WhatsApp, including the country code, to check your reception.

How to get fake phone number for verification? ›

Burner. Burner has to be the best-known way to get a temporary phone number. It's a phone app that works in Canada and the U.S. and provides a second phone number for your existing phone. It uses real phone numbers, as opposed to VoIP numbers, so you can use it for any verification or purpose you require.

Can I receive code on Textplus? ›

Unfortunately, we do not support shortcodes/verifications codes for OTP, website codes, or other social media outlets.

Does hushed work for verification? ›

Hushed phone numbers are NOT guaranteed to work with third-party verification due to blocks implemented by certain services, for example, Social Media, Banking, Email, Apps, etc.

Can Google Voice receive verification code? ›

When you sign up for Google Voice, or add a phone to your account, Google sends you a text message with a verification code. You enter this code to activate Voice on your phone.

Is TextMe number traceable? ›

The Text Me app in the news:

Text Me is not safe for kids to use because it encourages anonymous texts and calls from a burner number, which cannot be tracked. Anonymity opens the opportunity for bullying and harassment, since those receiving the calls and texts have no idea who they are from.

Is Nextplus free? ›

It always works great for me to use as a secondary number for texting certain people. Not sure how the incoming outgoing calling works bc I don't use it, But overall, it's a great free app with no sign up fees, hidden fees or commitment to $ subscriptions.

How do you get a verified text message? ›

Once you fill out an application with Google Verified you should receive a confirmation email with a Google Verified account ID. Simply share that ID with your text marketing service along with your logo, business name, and description. You can then resume sending text messages as usual.

How do I get SMS verification? ›

How does SMS verification work?
  1. Provide your phone number to a business during the sign-up process.
  2. Enter your username and password on the business' website or app to receive a one-time text verification number.
  3. Type that code into the app or website to complete the login process.
Dec 12, 2022

How do I unblock text verification? ›

Steps for Android Users
  1. On the Home Screen, select the Phone icon.
  2. Tap Menu (this is the 3 vertical dots on the upper right hand of your screen)
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Block Numbers. ...
  5. Select the number that you wish to unblock by tapping the minus (-) sign beside it.

Can you receive verification codes with burner? ›

A burner phone number is a disposable phone number used to receive SMS verification codes. Each burner phone number is a SIM-Card enabled phone number, so it can be 100% working on any website that needs verification.

Is Burner app free? ›

Burner is free to download and free to try. Get a free 7-day trial and a real second line to try with our enhanced privacy, spam-blocking, and communication features. Additional numbers are available through subscription, making it easy to add more lines whenever you need them.

How does verify with SMS work? ›

Verified SMS works by verifying, on a per-message basis, that content is sent by a specific business. When a message is verified, users see the sender's business name, the sender's business logo, and a verification badge in the message thread.

How do I get a 6 digit authentication code? ›

You need to install the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone or tablet devices. It generates a six-digit number, which changes every 30 seconds. With the app, you don't have to wait a few seconds to receive a text message.

How can I get my Iphone verification code without the phone? ›

Open https://appleid.apple.com/ and click to sign in. Provide your username and password, and click on the arrow to continue. You will automatically get a sign-in notification on all of your trusted devices. Click or tap Allow to receive your verification code.

How can I get WhatsApp verification code without SMS? ›

If you can check your voicemail while traveling, you may be able to successfully verify. Our automated system should leave you a voicemail with your code on it if you choose the "Call me" option after the 5 minute count-down.

Can I get WhatsApp verification code via email? ›

The application will alternatively ask you to verify your account, since, is not activated to receive messages. Select the option; send by e-mail. Accept after placing the Email.

How can I get WhatsApp without SMS verification? ›

How to Activate WhatsApp Without a Verification Code
  1. 1 Creating a New Phone Number.
  2. 2 Activating WhatsApp on iOS or Android.
  3. 3 Activating WhatsApp on a Windows Computer.
  4. 4 Activating WhatsApp Web on a Computer.

Is there an app to make a fake phone number? ›

Burner certainly has the best name, and it's one of the best and most straightforward fake number apps available—as long as you live in the US or Canada. It provides a VOIP phone number (with a local area code) that you can use for calls, text messages, and voicemail.

Is Burner app safe? ›

Burner is a safe, private messaging app, too! You knew we couldn't finish this article without mentioning it as a safe alternative to other messaging apps. However, Burner's safety features include other aspects of privacy that Signal, Telegram, and even Wire don't offer.

Are there fake number apps? ›

1) Hushed – Best For Anonymous calling and texting. Hushed is the best burner phone number app for getting disposable numbers. It is a privacy-focused service to get independent fake phone numbers to send MMS, SMS, and make phone calls.

What is better than textPlus? ›

The best alternative is Signal, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like textPlus are Telegram, WhatsApp, Wire and Zulip. textPlus alternatives are mainly Group Chat Apps but may also be Instant Messengers or Encrypted Chat Apps.

Is textPlus available in USA? ›

TextPlus users can call most of the world including the US and Canada. At this time, textPlus can only send text messages to US and Canadian carriers, but it can do so from anywhere in the world! (That's why we added app-to-app functionality.)

How can I get a free US number from textPlus? ›

How To - Get a US/CA textPlus phone number to text and call
  1. Tap the Menu section.
  2. Tap on “Get your free TextPlus number”
  3. Select your State.
  4. Select your area code.

Which is better Hushed or Burner? ›

But for improved call quality and more features for the same price, then we would recommend Hushed. In the comparison of Hushed vs Burner, we believe Hushed has more to offer. Hushed takes “burner numbers” to the next level, offering myriad features to improve the user's experience.

Why do people use Hushed? ›

Hushed is a private number app that allows you to create disposable phone numbers within seconds. In 50 countries. Although the numbers are disposable, we're actually able to keep a number for as long as we need.

How can I get WhatsApp virtual number for free? ›

The steps to get a free virtual number on WhatsApp are mentioned below:
  1. Step 1) Download and install Virtual Number App for WhatsApp Activation.
  2. Step 2) Open the app and register.
  3. Step 3) Create your free account.
7 days ago

What is a BLK verification code? ›

BLK Online needs to identify you before allowing you to enter its online community. The platform will send a verification code when you create a profile before it connects you to other users.

What is a text from 22000? ›

It's confusing as many people are stating that they have received messages that were spoofing the number pretending to be google, but I also noticed one comment stating that it may very well be google as 22000 is the official short code number for Google.

What can a scammer do with a verification code? ›

Fraudsters will sign their targets up for Google Voice to access their verification code and hijack the account and personal information. If a scammer gets your Google Voice verification code they can potentially commit other crimes concealing their identity while linked to your personal data.

What texting app Cannot be traced? ›

Confide is among the most popular secret chat apps that allow users to communicate privately with a confidential messages feature. Also, no external party can read or view the messages as it leaves no digital trace with the Confide app.

How can you tell if someone is using TextNow? ›

There are a few ways that you can track a TextNow number. One way is to use a phone tracking app, like mSpy. Another way is to use a reverse phone lookup service, like Whitepages or Truecaller.

Why would someone use TextNow? ›

With a one-time purchase of the TextNow SIM Card for only 99¢, you can talk and text as much as you want on the nation's largest 5G/4G network – no WiFi required! The SIM comes bundled with free Nationwide Text & Talk, which means you'll have no bill for calling and texting ever again.

Is Textbelt free? ›

Textbelt Open Source is a free project that uses email-to-SMS gateways. This allows people to text for free with medium reliability and more carrier restrictions.

How can you tell if someone is using textPlus? ›

Finding out who in your contacts is a textPlus user has never been easier. Navigate to compose a new message, then enter your friend's phone number, email address, or username. We will indicate textPlus users by highlighting their contact information in green. Non TextPlus users however are highlighted in grey.

What is COM gogii textPlus? ›

Gogii is a mobile communications service that enables users to text, talk, and share for free. Marina Del Rey, California, United States. 51-100. Venture - Series Unknown. textplus.com.

How can I get a free verification code phone number? ›

How to Get a Free US Number for Verification
  1. Using a browser, go to Receive-SMS-Free.cc.
  2. You'll see a list of available U.S. phone numbers. ...
  3. Use this number for the service that requires a phone number to send a verification code. ...
  4. The page will now display this number's text messages, including your verification code.
Aug 10, 2022

How do I unblock my verification code? ›

Steps for Android Users
  1. On the Home Screen, select the Phone icon.
  2. Tap Menu (this is the 3 vertical dots on the upper right hand of your screen)
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Block Numbers. ...
  5. Select the number that you wish to unblock by tapping the minus (-) sign beside it.

How can I get verification code in my phone? ›

Verify your Google account
  1. On your phone, find your Google Settings. Depending on your device, either: In your main Settings app, tap Google. ...
  2. Tap Manage your Google Account.
  3. Scroll right and tap Security. Security code. ...
  4. You'll find a 10-digit code.
  5. Enter the code on the phone you want to sign in on and tap Continue.

How can I get verification code without phone Gmail? ›

Click on your profile photo in the upper-right side of your Gmail page, click the “My Account” button and then click “Signing into Google.” Enter your account password if asked, and click “2-Step Verification” on the next screen. On the 2-Step Verification page, you can create and print a set of backup codes.

Why can't i get SMS codes? ›

Your SMS inbox might be full or internal storage on your device insufficient. Free up some space in such cases. Your mobile device might be out of network coverage. Make sure there's enough signal to receive a text message.

Can SMS be faked? ›

SMS spoofing involves altering sender information for fraudulent purposes, such as a phone number and contact name. A fake text cannot be responded to or blocked. Spoofing is based entirely on impersonation. You get a text from someone you believe to know, but something doesn't seem right upon closer inspection.

What is twilio verification code? ›

The Twilio Verify REST API allows you to verify that a user has a claimed device, phone number, or email address in their possession. The API lets you start a new verification for a user, and then check that the verification was successful.

How do I use text messages SMS for two factor authentication? ›

To turn on text message (SMS) login codes for your mobile phone:
  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap at the top.
  3. Tap Privacy and Security.
  4. Below Two-Factor Authentication, tap Edit Two-Factor Authentication Setting.
  5. Tap the box next to Use Text Message.

What is Google SMS verification? ›

Verified SMS can help you know the true identity of the business sending you messages in order to prevent phishing. When Verified SMS is on and you receive a message from a business registered with Google, Google translates the message you receive into an unreadable authenticity code, all on your device.

Why does my phone not receive verification codes? ›

5 Reasons For Phone Not Getting Verification Code Texts

Your phone number or email address provided may be incorrect. Carrier or email service provided may have blocked such messages. The verification messages are blocked by your phone. The poor network connection can also be a reason.


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