[SOLVED] How do I fix invalid certificate error on Mac? (2023)

Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are all browsers used to browse the web. They are a great way to visit various websites that provide information, entertainment, and even shopping. But of course, browsers aren't perfect. The websites you visit are also free of defects. So there are problems you may face.

You might ask: "How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac??” This error can usually appear on various websites that you are trying to access. Browsers usually work very well when browsing the web. However, the error occurs when the browser tries to verify the specific identity of the website. And if there is any problem then you will get invalid certificate error.

Content:Part 1. What is invalid certificate error on Mac?Part 2. Why am I getting an invalid certificate error?Part 3. How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac? 8 solutionsPart 4. Summary

This guide will give you the details to resolve expired certificates on Mac. This allows you to view the website you want to view, especially if it is necessary for work or school.

[Quick Guide] 8 Ways to Fix Invalid Certificate Error on Mac

  1. Make sure you find the correct domain name
  2. Update your browsers to the latest version
  3. Fix invalid certificate error on Mac using a keychain
  4. Correct your system date and time
  5. Change certificate trust settings
  6. Check your firewall or antivirus security software
  7. Erase cache, cookies and browsing history
  8. Disable invalid SSL certificates in browsers

Part 1. What is invalid certificate error on Mac?

Let's see a little overview before answering the question "How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac". Websites are very important today. People are very dependent on the use of technology. That is why the websites are so popular. However, they are not invulnerable.

There are many cyber attacks. TOSSLoTLSCertificate is required for website owners. It is usually a measure of the security of your website. If a website does not have an SSL certificate, browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox will show visitors an appropriate error message.Die The certificate for this server is invalid.

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(Video) How to fix NET ERR CERT DATE INVALID Error on Mac

So what exactly is an Invalid Certificate Error or Invalid SSL Certificate Error? This error is encountered when the browser cannot recognize the SSL certificate installed on the website. For example, some users may see a message like "Safari can't verify the identity of site xxxx" when browsing the browser.

The browser cannot tell that the certificate authority is valid or cannot recognize it. This means that the installed SSL cannot be trusted and the website may be dangerous.

SoHow do I make my Mac trust a certificate?? To find certificates on Mac, open Utilities > Keychain Access > Enroll Keychain > select Certificates from the menu bar. Now you can double click on the desired certificate and then select different "trust settings".

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An invalid SSL certificate error means that the SSL installed on the website cannot be recognized or identified. The CA may not appear on your "list" of acceptable or trusted certificatesCA. Common certificate authorities are usually Sectigo, Comodo, and DigiCert.

Part 2. Why am I getting an invalid certificate error?

There are other reasons why you see the invalid certificate error. Here we will discuss some of those reasons why you should solve the problem with invalid certificate error on Mac. Check them out below:

  • When accessing a domain that doesn't match, browsers may display an "Invalid SSL Certificate" error.
  • You signed the certificate in these two ways, through a self-signed certificate or through an unknown trusted source. In this case, the browser displays such an error. We tell you the answer to How to fix an invalid certificate error on Mac.
  • The website's certificate is currently invalid or the certificate has already expired.
  • In rare cases, if the website has an SSL certificate in the wrong format, browsers will show it as invalid.
  • This error can result in incorrectly configured SSL or TSL certificates. This misconfiguration can usually occur during installation.
  • The installed certificate is revoked or purchased illegally.
  • Antivirus software or your firewall may be blocking the SSL connection.
  • The website may use SHA-1 encryption. This case is usually rare.
  • The browser may not be able to verify the signature of the installed certificate.
  • Broken SSL or TLS certificate structure.

Another reason for you to wonder how to fix invalid certificate error on Mac is the possibility of the chain of trust being broken. What do you mean by that? Well, it happens in some cases like the following:

  • A root certificate authority (CA) that is not actually verified.
  • Root certificate or intermediate inclusion expired.
  • You have an actual self-signed certificate on the chain.
  • In fact, the chain does not end with a trusted root certificate.

Part 3. How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac? 8 solutions

Now that we have told you the reasons why you are encountering this problem, you might be able to figure out some of the things you need to do. But to make it easier for you, here are 8 solutions to solve the certificate problem and make your Mac trust a certificate or update the certificate quickly.

Solution 01. Make sure you find the correct domain name

Works for: All browsers

(Video) HOW TO fix Root Certificate Issue on Mac which expired on Sept 30th 2021

If the domain name does not match, you will get an invalid certificate error on Mac. The same applies to Windows. The first thing to do is to make sure that you are entering the correct match for the domain name of the website. It's pretty obvious, but this one does the trick.

Solution 02. Update your browser to the latest version

Works for: All browsers

Another obvious solution! How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac? Well, you should try updating your browsers. This solution works for Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, among others. These are the steps to update each browser.

How do I update Safari?

  1. Open the Apple menu. Go to the Apple menu on your Mac computer.
  2. Select Software Update. After that, click on the option labeled Software Update.
  3. Install any available updates for your Safari browser.

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How to update Google Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome. Open Chrome and click More, which looks like three vertically aligned dots.
  2. Click Update. Click on the option "Update Google Chrome“.
  3. Click on the restart option.

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How to update Firefox

  1. Start Firefox. Open Firefox on your computer.
  2. Open the menu. Click the menu button that appearsthree lines.
  3. Select "About Firefox." Select the option that says "Aid' and then click 'About Firefox' in the menus.
  4. Wait for an update. The last thing you have to do is wait for the automatic update to finish.
  5. Then restart your Firefox browser.

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Solution 03. Fix invalid certificate error on Mac using a keychain

Works for: All browsers

In fact, you can turn tokey fob accessto fix invalid certificate error on Mac. After that, you need to check the certificates and then repair them. We refer to the certificates included in the user account that is active on the Mac.

How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac with keychain? Here is how to do it.

(Video) net::err_cert_invalid Problem Solved MAC or Windows

  1. Exit browsers. This includes Safari, Chrome, etc.
  2. Open focus. press theCMD + SPACEBAR Buttons to open Spotlight. Type keychain access to launch the app.
  3. Accesses the keychain access menu. then you should chooseFirst Aid Keychain.
  4. Enter the password. Then click the Confirm checkbox to enable it. Then click the "Start" button.
  5. Click the radio button that appearsfixand then select Start over.
  6. Restart Safari. And try visiting said website again.

Solution 04. Correct system date and time

Works for: All browsers

There may be a problem with the time setting. So how to fix invalid certificate error on Mac? Well, you need to set the clock and settings to the correct ones. Here are the steps to do it easily:

  1. Connect to the Internet. This will give you an accurate time.
  2. Quit Safari or whatever browser you are using.
  3. Launch the Apple menu. Open the Apple menu, and then visit thesystem settingsPossibility.
  4. In the next step, select "appointment time“. After that, you need to check the actual box that says to set your date and time automatically. If it is already enabled, you need to disable it and re-enable it.
  5. Reopen your browser, and then go to the page you want to visit.

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Solution 05. Change certificate trust settings

Works for: All browsers

This is another answer to the problem "How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac". If the problem persists for only specific certificates, you need to make sure that you trust the actual certificates you are trying to connect to.

Once you're sure you trust them, you need to change your trust settings. This actually allows the authentication to continue. How to proceed step by step:

  1. BeginKey fob access.To do this, go to the "Applications" folder, and then "Utilities". Select your actual login keychain.
  2. click and opencertificatesGo to the Certificates category and find the certificate you want to connect to. This is done by searching for the domain name of the service in the search box. Or you can scroll through the list.
  3. BoxCertificate status and adjustment.
  • If the certificate you want to connect to is aXicon (red), this should mean that it is invalid or expired. What you need to do in this case is to right click on that particular certificate and then delete it from the computer system.
  • If said certificate is amore (+)icon (blue in color), you need to adjust the settings. You need to choose System Defaults as the trusted setting for it. To do this, you need to open the certificate in Keychain Access by double-clicking on the icon. Then expand the Trust Settings section. Then select Use system defaults at the top of the menu.

Solution 06. Check your firewall or antivirus security software

Works for: All browsers

You need to make sure that your firewall settings are not blocking this particular site. So, this is another solution to the question "How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac". Also, make sure antivirus software isn't blocking them as well. This allows you to ensure that the page is accepted by your entire system.

Solution 07. Clear cache, cookies and browsing data

Works for: All browsers

(Video) Untrusted_cert_title Apple MacBook

here you shouldremove cookies, cache and browsing history from your browser. This may also include deleting login history or passwords. The steps are different for each browser. However, the premise is exactly the same. You simply have to remove it via your browser's menu, options or settings.

Tips:We recommend using the Mac Cleanup Tool -PowerMyMacto help you improve your browser's online experience and reset all browser settings to their default values.

Es "privacyThe module cleans all cookies, caches and history, removes lag reasons, clears privacy traces to protect your sensitive data and much more.

Get a free trial now!

You can try this tool for free to fix the problem."Invalid certificate" error.a Mac.

[SOLVED] How do I fix invalid certificate error on Mac? (7)

Solution 08. Disable invalid SSL certificate in browsers

Works for: Google Chrome, Firefox

That's the last thing you should do. This is because the website you are trying to access may be dangerous. In such a case, remove the protection offered by browsers. Can I fix an invalid certificate error?in Google Chrome and Firefox? The answer is yes. But Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge don't allow it. This is because it can pose a risk to your system.

Part 4. Summary

How to fix invalid certificate error on Mac?? We have given you the best solutions to implement here. It is a very comprehensive guide to help you fix the error. These solutions include making sure you find the correct domain name, updating your browser, and using Keychain Access.

(Video) Fix error NET::ERR CERT DATE INVALID - Your connection is not private - MacOS - 2021

The other solutions you can implement are to correct the date or time settings, change the certificate trust settings, check firewall access, check antivirus software access, clear cookies (cache, browsing history) and disable the error invalid SSL certificate in browsers.

It is important to remember that the last solution we gave you is not recommended. This is because it poses a huge risk to your system. That is why it is only allowed in Google Chrome. Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox do not support this.


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