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Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is a Pokemon Emerald rom hack. This game has many new features and state-of-the-art additions that make basic Pokemon Emerald more difficult and fun for the average Pokemon player.

As its name suggests, Pokémon Theta Emerald EX is not a completely new Pokémon game. The story, characters and basic elements remain the same. But the added features make it a very exciting game. You can even do a Nuzlocke (trust me, it's a lot of fun).

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1. Who is this game for?

2. Screenshots

3. Features and Additions

4. flaws

5. How to download

6. All pokemon locations

7. All Mega Stone locations

8. All Arceus boards

9. All MT locations

10. Location of all creation trio orbs

(Video) How to get Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin in Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex

11. All Legendary Pokemon Locations

12. Tricks

13. Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this game for?

This game is for you if you are a seasoned and experienced player looking for a new and exciting way to play Pokemon Emerald.

However, this game is not for you if you are looking for a new pokemon game with a new map, features, fakemon, etc.


Pokemon Theta Emerald EX: Everything you need to know - Giga Chad Gamers (1) Pokemon Theta Emerald EX: Everything you need to know - Giga Chad Gamers (2)

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX: Everything you need to know - Giga Chad Gamers (3) Pokemon Theta Emerald EX: Everything you need to know - Giga Chad Gamers (4)

Features and Additions

The most notable and exciting thing about Pokémon Theta Emerald EX is that almost every generation of Pokémon is present here.

So it is. All 721 Pokémon from Generations 1 to 6 are available in this game. All trainers and gym leaders use Pokémon from all six generations.

And I must say that the final result is very good. The sprites and colors go together very well. It almost feels like they were part of the original game.

physical/special division

Yes, Pokémon Theta Emerald EX has a Physical/Special split, allowing the Pokémon to use moves of a wide variety of types.

types of fairies

This game has Fairy writing on all the expected Pokemon like Gardevoir, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, etc.

reusable TM

You can use TMs infinitely here. Like the HMs.It was nice not having to worry about using my one and only Earthquake TM.

modern repellent system

If you run out of repellent, you don't have to search your bag for one. The game will automatically ask you if you want to use another one.

Eliminable HM

You can delete HM moves without going to a Move Deleter.


One of the best things about this game is that it is fully compatible with Mega Evolution. All Pokémon that can Mega Evolve in Generation 6 can also Mega Evolve in this game.

Honestly, I didn't expect this feature to match as well as it does in this game. It felt like Mega Evolutions had been part of the original game all along.

Extended item pocket

The item pocket in the bag can hold more than 200 items.Alive! Now you won't have to regularly throw out items to make room.


The game, while good, is not without its flaws. After all, no matter how good the game looks and performs, it's still a fan-made game.Some of the flaws I've encountered include:

  • A new Pokémon, replacing one of the original 386, appears on the Hall of Fame screen after beating the game.
  • Some Pokémon display a different color icon if they level up outside of battle.
  • Some new Pokémon show a different color icon when selecting more than one Pokémon in a box
  • Lose TM or HM when approaching the Battle Shop
  • The game sometimes freezes when:
    • Participate in a Pokémon Contest
    • Touching the blackboard inside the Trainers School in Rustboro City
    • Teaching Hydro Pump, from the guy from Fallarbor Town, to one of your Pokemon
    • Double fight against one of the trainers in the town of Mauville

How to download

You can download the game directly by clickinghere. The compressed file contains the game patch and a patcher application.

All pokemon locations

Are you worried about trying to find your favorite Pokemon on a map that contains over 700 Pokemon? I do not care anymore. Here is onegoogle spreadsheetwith all wild Pokémon locations, levels, and encounter rates.

All Mega Stone locations

You can start using Mega Stones after getting the fifth Gym Badge. However, the stones are invisible and randomly scattered across the Hoenn region. You'll need an Itemfinder to start locating them.Sounds a lot more complicated than it needs to be? I understand. You can watch the video below to collect all Mega Stones:

All Arceus boards

Like Mega Stones, Arceus Plates are invisible and randomly distributed throughout the Hoenn region. You'll need an Itemfinder to find them all.Or you can just watch the video below:

All MT locations

It can be a bit boring to keep track of the 100+ MT in the game. Instead of exploring all the nooks and crannies of Hoenn, you can check out this helpful video:

All Creation Trio Orb locations

The creator of the game is a bit of a cheater. The Creation Trio's orbs are also invisible and scattered throughout the region.

Watch the video to save yourself from a world of pain:

(Video) Emerald EX! All 898 Pokémon in Gen 3! First Speedrun

And congratulations to LHTN BR for sending these videos. Pokémon fans around the world thank you for your service.

All Legendary Pokémon Locations

I couldn't find a good video with all the Legendary Pokemon locations (maybe I should make one myself?), so you'll have to personally find the locations mentioned below:

Article:shoal cave

Zapdos:New Mauville (generator room)

Moltres:mount chimney

Mewtwo:F2 training cave

Maullar:Far Island (ticket)

The three legendary beasts:Route 116 (must have Lugia and Ho-Oh on team)

ho-ohyLugia:Navel Rock (ticket)

Famous:battle frontier

Regrock:desert ruins

Real:Island Cave (perto de Dewford Town)

Record:ancient grave

widthsoLatios:One roaming and one ticket

Kyogre:sea ​​cave

Groudon:earth cave

Rayquaza:pillar of heaven

Jirachi:leftover meteor

Deoxys:Isla Natal (ticket)

Uxie, Mesprit,yAzelf:Ruta 124

dialgayRewards:Meteor Falls (must have Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf in the team)

Heatran:burning path

Regulation:Sealed Chamber (Must have Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in team)

Giratina:Mt. Pyre (deve ter Dialga e Palkia no time)

Cresselia:rota 129

Wine:Raza Manaphy

Manafia:Mossy City (egg)

Darkrai:Mount Pira

Shaymin:Petalburg Forest

arceus:Sky Pillar (deve ter Dialga, Palkia e Giratina no time)

Victini:city ​​of sootopolis

Three Swords of Justice:victory road

Keldeo:Route 123 (Must have three Swords of Justice on staff)

(Video) Get All Legendaries In Pokemon Theta Emerald !!

tornadoythunder:Route 119 (behind Weather Institute; must have Castform on gear)

Landoro:Mirage Tower (have Tornadus and Thundurus on the team)

ReshiramyZecrom:pillar of heaven

Kyurem:shoal cave

Meloeta:lilycove town

Genesecto:New Mauville (generator room)

Xerneas:Far Island (ticket)

Yveltal:Mount Pira

Zygarde:altered cave

Diana:granite cave

Contact:Ruta 128

volcano:jesus singed

Source: Reddit


It should be noted that not all GBA emulators support cheat codes.For example, Action Replay cheats are not supported by OpenEmu for Mac.

For Mac OS users who really want to use some cheat codes, I recommend installing Bluestacks and downloading My Boy.

go through the walls

7881A409 E2026E0C

8E883EFF 92E9660D

Unlimited rare candies on PC


Master Balls no Mart

958D8046 A7151D70

8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Master Ball no PC

128898B6 EDA43037

pokemon nature modifier

Instruction:Enter 6658C989 89518A0F + Pokemon Nature code identifier.

Example: (resistant)

6658C989 89518A0F

217A1A8B E666BC3F

To use:Remember to enter and activate the code before fighting.

Resistant:217A1A8B E666BC3F

Alone:CD72C719 F2831689

Brave:EB200815 63938154

Firm:C8CE1977 779F1AA5


Audacious:5E7363AA 5D262877

Docile:2C707820 9C67A3F0

(Video) Get All Starters !! Pokemon Theta Emerald

Relaxed:471AA96A 79ECA891

Pernicious:4F71D6E0 699827D5

Loose:2717EE59 7564BC55

Shy:71296D0B D469AD70

Rushed in:A79D2EF2 F82F5AF7

Cave:A8510C52 65C50481

Alegre:5769723D 1DA05C56

Naive:ED5B105D B88A30D8

Modesto:CA12F7A9 56873493

Light:31D9195E 5DF03DCE

Quiet:E7EC9FF0 70029AE9


Skin irritation:24775C3B A15419C7

Calm:D090BDDA 1968867D

Kind:7B499E06 77185F5C

Audacious:EBA4E60F F5F19690

Careful:5BFE17AB A5DC524C

Peculiar:ADF48A64 04D2988F

Infinite money

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5

A86CDBA5 19BA49B3


1C7B3231 B494738C

C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Catch a Trainer's Pokémon

To use:To avoid picking up a rotten egg, press L+R before throwing a Poké Ball.

B6C5368A 08BE8FF4


E151C402 8A229A83

8E883EFF 92E9660D

shiny pokemon

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4

18452A7D DDE55BCC

common questions

Which exact ROM version should I patch?

You must use pre-patched rom from 2-27-17. This worked fine for me. Also, you won't have to go through the correction process.

How to prevent Gardevoir in Gym 7 from freezing my game?

This is a notorious problem in the game. Defeat that Gardevoir ASAP. As long as you remain on the field, your game can be blocked at any time.

How do you mega evolve in Pokemon Theta Emerald EX?

That's how:

(Video) All cheat codes for Pokemon theta emerald ex

  • Obtain a Mega Bracelet from your mother after defeating Norman
  • Find your Pokemon's Mega Stone
  • Give the stone to your pokemon
  • Press 'Start' during battle and use a move

How to evolve Kirlia to Gallade in Pokemon Theta Emerald EX?

Buy a Sun Stone from the woman next to the Pokémon Center in Mauville Town. Use Sun Stone on your Kirlia to turn it into a Gallade.

Where can I find the Blue Orb in Pokemon Theta Emerald EX?

I think you can get it after getting Kyogre.

How can I evolve Riolu in Pokemon Theta Emerald EX?

The same. Raise your Friendship to a very high level. Give him a calming bell if possible and don't let him die in battle.


How do you randomize Pokemon Theta Emerald ex? ›

Sadly, no. Unless you used advanced trainers and advanced maps to manually randomize everything but trust me it is NOT worth it. However there are some roms that contain 807 Pokemon.

How do you mega evolve in Pokemon Theta ex? ›

  1. Make sure you've beaten the 5th Gym (your dad's) and spoke with your Mom to get the Mega Armlet.
  2. Equip to your Pokémon its Mega Stone.
  3. Get yourself into a battle, pick "Fight", Press Start (a sound effect should play, that means that everything's working correctly) then just pick an attack and use it.
Dec 21, 2017

How many Pokemon are in Theta Emerald? ›

The most noticeable thing is that all 721 Pokemon from the first 6 generations of the series are available to catch in this game.

Which Pokémon Cannot Mega Evolve? ›

Shadow Pokémon cannot undergo a Mega Evolution. Clone Pokémon cannot undergo a Mega Evolution.

Can you Mega Evolve forever? ›

Mega Evolution is a temporary process that increases a Pokémon's CP, typically lasting for eight hours. The Pokémon's HP does not change. Some Pokémon temporarily change type while Mega Evolved, which is important to consider when planning a Mega Raid Battle lineup.

Where is Eevee in Theta Emerald? ›

Eevee may be found in the Pokémon Mansion in Celadon City. Go to Celadon City, and enter the mansion via the backdoor. Get to the roof; on the roof, you'll find a room. Inside, you'll find Eevee's Pokeball.

How do you evolve Feebas in Pokemon Theta Emerald ex? ›

Feebas has to have a max beauty level in order to evolve- you can do this by feeding it Pamtre berries (most effective berry for leveling up beauty).

Can you Mega Evolve while asleep? ›

Status conditions such as paralysis and sleep have no effect on a Pokémon's ability to Mega Evolve.

Should you always Mega Evolve? ›

Mega Evolution makes your Pokémon stronger, yes, but there's also a few other perks you get when you have and use a Mega Evolved Pokémon. One perk includes bonus candy for that type of Pokémon. You'll also have a higher chance to get XL Candy for Pokémon of the same type, if you're at least level 40.

Does mega evolving give XP? ›

All Mega Evolution bonuses will scale with your Pokémon's Mega Level – that is, increased XP and Candy for catching Pokémon of the same type, increased chances for Candy XL drops, and even more increased damage in raids!

Is there a Arceus in Emerald? ›

Arceus is not available at all in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen.

Is there a deoxys in Emerald? ›

In Pokemon Emerald, the only place where Deoxys can be caught is on Birth Island, which is near Six Island and Seven Island in the Sevii Island region.

Is there a mew in Emerald? ›

If you get the special Lost Sea Map item, you will unlock a special place known as Faraway Island. Mew will be there waiting for you, however, you will need to chase it around the small field of very tall grass before you can battle and catch it.

Why does Charizard have 2 megas? ›

The Pokémon fandom has always believed that Charizard should have been a Dragon type. Game Freak obliged by giving Charizard two mega evolutions (a distinction shared by none other than the almighty Mewtwo) with one of them being a Fire Dragon type!

What is the weakest Mega Pokémon? ›

Weakest: Mega Diancie

Once news was released that Diancie would receive a Mega Evolution, expectations were high. Sure enough, in terms of design, Diancie's Mega Evolution is nothing short of a masterpiece. It also possesses both the attack and special attack to back up its power.

Can you Mega Evolve a shadow? ›

You cannot mega evolve shadow or clone Pokémon. You can mega evolve purified Pokémon, but they won't have a swirly white aura when mega evolved. You cannot use a mega evolved Pokémon to defend a gym. Mega Pokémon can't be used in the GO Battle League (but this may change in the future)

Which Mega Charizard is better? ›

The winner between the two forms of mega evolution (Mega Charizard X vs Y) is, no doubt, Mega Charizard Y. Any Pokemon trainer who looks at the stats will definitely choose Mega Charizard Y.

How many times can you Mega Evolve in a day? ›

Note that you can only contribute to an individual Pokémon's Mega Level once per day. The higher your Pokémon's Mega Level, the more bonuses that will be active when that Pokémon is Mega-Evolved.

Does it cost to Mega Evolve again? ›

First up, the big change to Mega Evolution — you do not need to pay to Mega Evolve more than once.

How rare is Eevee Scarlet? ›

Eevee's Pokédex description says it's only rarely sighted, and that isn't an exaggeration. Eevee only appears in two places across Paldea: the fields near Cortondo in South Province and outside Medali in West Province.

Where is Scarlet Eevee? ›

To catch a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Eevee, we suggest going to North of Medali and checking the grasslands just outside of town. You can also find them around the entrance to the Pokemon League and West of Cortondo.

Is Sylveon in Emerald? ›

Sylveon is a Pokémon in Inclement Emerald.

What is the Zzazz glitch? ›

The ZZAZZ glitch is a glitch found in the Generation I games. It can be encountered by using the Ditto glitch with a Special stat that has a decimal number of any multiple of 251, 252, 254 or 255. This makes the player encounter a glitch Trainer that in turn allows this glitch to occur.

Is the Berry glitch in Emerald? ›

Early versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire have the Berry glitch. It is fixed in later versions of these games and all versions of Pokémon Emerald.

What is the bad egg glitch in Pokémon Emerald? ›

In Emerald, when warp cheat codes are used to steal from the Battle Factory, an invisible Bad Egg appears in the 19th slot of the 1st box in the PC Storage. If a Pokémon is in that slot, it corrupts the Pokémon and merges into a proper Bad Egg. In Emerald only, the Battle Tower may be used to remove Bad Eggs.

What turns into Milotic? ›

Just like in other Pokémon games, Feebas has a special way to evolve into Milotic in Pokémon Go. To evolve Feebas into a Milotic, you'll need to walk 20 kilometers with it set as your buddy. Set the specific Feebas you want to evolve as your buddy in order to evolve it.

How does Delta Feebas evolve? ›

Delta Feebas (referred to as just Feebas in-game) is a Ghost-type Delta Pokémon. It evolves into Delta Milotic when traded holding a Cleanse Tag.

Can you evolve male Feebas? ›

When it debuted in Generation III, Feebas could evolve into Milotic after obtaining a High Beauty level by being fed Blue Poké Blocks, and then Leveling up. That changed in Generation V; en lieu of Pokémon Contests a Feebas can evolve to Milotic by being traded to another game while it is holding a Prism Scale.

Is it better to power up before Mega Evolving? ›

Mega-Evolved Pokémon can't be powered up while Mega-Evolved. Their boosted stats are calculated based on their stats in their normal form, so make sure you've powered up Pokémon you want to Mega Evolve as much as possible before Mega Evolving them.

Can you primal evolve and Mega Evolve? ›

Trainers can only have one Primal or Mega-Evolved Pokémon active at a time. If your Pokémon undergoes Primal Reversion or Mega Evolves while another Pokémon is in primal form or Mega-Evolved, the first Pokémon will turn back into its regular form.

Is there a mega lugia? ›

Mega Lugia Q is an Exclusive Pokémon released as part of the seventeenth Mass-Click Weekend. It was released on the 28th of December 2015 and was released in the form of a Mega Stone.

Is Mega Evolution stronger than Primal? ›

Primal Reversion is functionally identical to Mega Evolution, the only difference being the types affected by the 1.3x power boost given to allies in raids (Primal Groudon affects Grass, Fire and Ground, while Primal Kyorge affects Electric, Water and Bug).

How to Mega Evolve for free? ›

To Mega Evolve a previously Mega-Evolved Pokémon without using any Mega Energy, you will need to wait for the resting period to expire. You can choose to Mega Evolve a Pokémon before the resting period ends, however, this will require Mega Energy.

Can you earn mega energy by walking? ›

You can earn Mega Energy by defeating a Mega-Evolved Pokémon in a Mega Raid Battle or by completing specific research tasks. You can also occasionally earn Mega Energy by walking with your Buddy Pokémon if you have previously Mega-Evolved a Pokémon in your Buddy Pokémon's Evolutionary line.

Does Mega Evolving restore HP? ›

Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion temporarily boosts the Attack and Defense base stats of a Pokémon, with some forms having different types, additionally Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion will restore a fainted or damaged Pokémon to max HP.

Which is better to Mega Evolve? ›

Without any doubt, Mega Charizard Y is the best Fire-type Mega evolution in Pokemon GO. On top of that, Mega Charizard Y can reach a maximum CP level of 5,037 (one of the highest in the game). In terms of power, Mega Charizard Y has an Attack power of 319 and a Defense capability of 212.

How do you get Lugia in Emerald? ›

Both Lugia and Ho-oh can be obtained in Pokemon Emerald via a Mystic Ticket from a Nintendo Event. This ticket allows passage to Navel Rock. Take the left path and follow the ladders up to get to Ho-oh, take the right path and follow the ladders down to get to Lugia.

What Pokémon is 141 Arceus? ›

Honchkrow is a Dark- and Flying-type Pokemon and part of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisui Pokedex.

Is Shaymin in Emerald? ›

Location. To acquire Shaymin, the player must travel to the most southern section of Route 129 and use Dive. After travelling through the Briny Trench, a Shaymin can be encountered in Verdant Enclave. Shaymin is found at level 30.

Why is Deoxys illegal? ›

It's a bit of a mess. Deoxys boasts several of these traits at the same time. It's tended to be an event Pokémon, and while it's also super strong in some forms (and super-frail, so manageable), that's reason enough for its banning.

Can you get Celebi in Emerald? ›

This special Pokémon was only distributed through events in Pokémon Emerald, but those events are long gone. But don't give up hope—there are still ways to get Celebi! We'll show you three ways to catch Celebi in Pokémon Emerald, including using the Japanese version of the game as well as cheat codes!

Is jirachi in Deoxys? ›

A Jirachi appeared in the opening sequence of Destiny Deoxys. A Jirachi appeared in PK14. In the opening sequence of The Rise of Darkrai, a Jirachi was seen levitating over a Groudon. A Jirachi appeared in the ending credits in Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade.

Which ancient Mew is rare? ›

According to PSA, only 478 copies of the 'Nintedo' Ancient Mew card have been graded at a Gem Mint 10 level, with 2,255 copies of the card graded in any condition.

Is jirachi obtainable in Emerald? ›

Beat the game (Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald) on your Game Boy Advance. In order to get Jirachi on your game, you will need to have beaten the Elite 4. This essentially means that you have beaten the game. You will need a free space in your party before you can receive Jirachi.

What is the rarest Mew Pokémon? ›

#1 Mew Star (Delta Species)

An Ultra Rare from 2006 set Dragon Frontiers, Mew Star features the shiny version of Mew — that is, a variation in coloring from its usual appearance in card art.

Is there a Mega Stone in Emerald? ›

In PS598, it was revealed that Steven had already found the Mega Stones for Blaziken, Swampert, and Sceptile for Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald, respectively.

Can you Mega Evolve rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald? ›

This Pokémon Mega Evolves using the Dragon Ascent.

Can you Mega Evolve Blaziken in Pokemon Emerald? ›

A Blaziken has to Mega Evolve by holding a Blazikenite. If it's holding something like a Venusaurite, it won't work, as it only works for Venusaur. However, its Trainer has to hold and activate a Key Stone in order to have it work.

Did Ash's Greninja Mega Evolve? ›

During the battle between Greninja and Alain's Charizard, Charizard Mega Evolved, while Greninja again evolved into Ash-Greninja. In the end, Charizard was able to defeat Greninja with Blast Burn.

Why is Rayquaza black in Hoopa? ›

Black Rayquaza was created alongside Rayquaza. But unlike Rayquaza, Black prefers underground. That would explain his coloring; he disappears into the dark. The Black Rayquaza is somewhat telepathic, and is basically a Seer.

Does Cynthia have a Rayquaza? ›

Her Garchomp, Milotic, and Lucario all appear in the Platinum—Supreme Victors expansion released in 2009. Her team in that expansion includes a surprising addition—a Rayquaza with an attack that does 200 damage (quite a lot for back then)!

Does Ash have a Rayquaza? ›

Ash's Rayquaza was the sixth Pokémon that Ash caught in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and his fifty-eighth overall.

Can Blaziken be female? ›

It has featherless, gray hands with three fingers each, and three clawed toes that are not normally visible due to the shaggy, yellow feathers on the bottom of its legs. A female has a shorter mask and hair than a male. Blaziken has strong, muscular legs that give it great lower body strength.

Does Alpha Sapphire have Mega Evolution? ›

As with Pokemon X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will feature a small set of Mega-Evolved Pokemon. Some will be new and unique to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and it may be safe to say the Mega Pokemon from X and Y will be returning.

Why was Mega Blaziken banned? ›

#1 - Blaziken

Speed Boost's hidden ability is what saw it receive a ban. Speed Boost did exactly what it says. At the end of every turn, it would gain a point to its speed stat. One Protect could easily see it outspeed every opposing Pokemon.

What is Giga impact in Japanese? ›

Giga Impact (Japanese: ギガインパクト Giga Impact) is a damage-dealing Normal-type move introduced in Generation IV.

What is TM 19? ›

TM019 (Japanese: わざマシン019 Move Machine 019), known as TM19 prior to Generation IX, is a TM introduced in Generation I. It teaches a compatible Pokémon a move. The move it teaches depends on the game. For compatibility, refer to the move's page.


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