How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 [Updated 2022] (2023)


Wondering how to resolve Netflix error code NW-3-6? we provideeasy stepsthat allow you to fix this error quickly.

Netflix is ​​available in over 180 countries and has thousands of movies and TV episodes to choose from. The US Netflix library is currently the best and you can access it from anywhere with a Netflix VPN.

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Despite their popularity, however, these streaming services are not without their flaws and often have various issues and glitches that may or may not make you want to pull your hair out while trying to figure them out.

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But luckily, we know how to deal with these problems, and one of the most common is the Netflix Code NW-3-6. The most common cause of this error is a configuration problem. We'll help you figure out what's causing it and how to fix it.

What does the Netflix error code NW-3-6 mean?

If you encounter the Netflix error code NW-3-6, it usually indicates that your device is unable to connect to Netflix due to a network problem or network configuration.

The Netflix NW-3-6 error code is often accompanied by the following message:

We're having trouble connecting to Netflix. Please try again or

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 [Updated 2022] (1)

The error code indicates that you are experiencing network connectivity problems, which could indicate that your home network or Internet service provider is not configured correctly, or that your Internet connection or cable connection is not working.

There are many other Netflix errors likeNetflix error code NSES-404miNetflix error code m7111-5059🇧🇷 A premium VPN allows you to fix all these errors and allows for uninterrupted streaming of Netflix.

Netflix Error Code NW-3-6: What causes it?

A specific cause has yet to be discovered, although several factors may be at play. Here are two of the common reasons:

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problems with the configuration

If the device you are using or your local ISP has a configuration issue that prevents you from connecting to the streaming service, then the problem may arise.

Internet problems

This error could also be caused by a problem with your local ISP.

How do I fix the error code NW 3 6 on Netflix?

Follow these steps to fix Netflix NW error code 3 6:

  1. Restartyour streaming device.
  2. Restartyour internet connection.
  3. Your modem or router should beRestart.
  4. Defineyour default connections again.
  5. Moveryour VPN connection.
  6. To connectyour smart TV to your modem directly.
  7. On game consoles,recheck your DNS settings.
  8. Using a web browser,go outall devices.

Step 1 – Restart your streaming device

If necessary, reboot your streaming device. A simple restart of the streaming device, whether it's a Roku or a Smart TV, might be all it takes to clear the cache and restore access to Netflix.

It takes a little more effort to reset your streaming device or Roku box than just turning your TV off and on. if you aremira Netflix en tu Smart TVand turn on a smart TV after turning it off, wait about 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Step 2 – Restart your internet connection

Your network should be restarted. Your home network modem or router could be the source of the problem. You cannot watch Netflix if you are not connected to the Internet. If you restarted your streaming device but it didn't work, you'd better restart your network. This process will also allow you to correctNetflix proxy error.

Step 3 – Restart your router or modem

If restarting your computer doesn't resolve the issue, you'll need to reset your home connection, including your modem and router. It will only take a few seconds to reset your network, but if the problem is with your internet network or with your modem or router, that might be enough to get you up and running again.

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Step 4: Set your default connections again

Connections that happen automatically when you first set up your modem are known as default connections. If any of these network settings have been changed, restoring them to the factory defaults may help resolve the issue. You will need to log in with administrator credentials to access modem settings.

Step 5: Disconnect the VPN connection

Disconnect from your VPN. Turn off Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you are using one. Netflix can use a VPN to hide your location, which may result in geofencing depending on regional content limitations. Disabling your VPN may restore Netflix functionality. EITHERBest VPNs for Netflixallows you to watch all the content on Netflix.

Step 6: Connect Smart TV to your modem directly

If you're still having trouble connecting or your Wi-Fi isn't working, try using an Ethernet cable to connect your smart TV to the modem. Not only will you get a stronger signal while streaming, but it can also help you troubleshoot any issues you're experiencing.

Step 7 – Check the DNS settings on the game consoles

Your devices may encounter complications during setup that may corrupt your DNS settings, IP addresses, or Internet connection settings, resulting in an error while streaming Netflix. The following procedures can be used to restore and remove any corrupted data.

para playstation

If you have the error code NW 3 6 while watchingNetflix sin Playstation🇧🇷 Follow these steps:

  1. To visitthe PlayStation settings page.
  2. selectNetwork Settings and then Internet Connection Settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. ChooseCustoms.
  4. selectWifi.
  5. In the IP Address Settings section,chooseAutomatic.
  6. For the DHCP hostname,selectDon't define.
  7. DNS settingsit is done automatically.
  8. PERSONASis handled automatically.
  9. if you want to use oneproxy server, no use.
  10. selectTest the connection after saving all your modifications.
  11. Restartyour console and try watching Netflix again.

Para Xbox

Follow these NW code 3 6 steps on your Xbox:

  1. Beginyour Xbox console.
  2. selectSystem Settings in the Settings menu.
  3. selectNetwork settings.
  4. selectSet Network in the Network menu.
  5. selectAutomatic in the DNS Settings menu.
  6. After a break,restartyour Xbox device and try watching Netflix again.
(Video) How To Fix Netflix Error NW-3-6 | We're having a Problem Connecting to Netflix. Please try again.

Step 8 – Using a web browser, disconnect all devices

Netflix NW error number 3 6 is most likely caused by the Netflix account not being synced with your device. You can reactivate it with a browser, but you must first turn off the device to clear the cache.


Netflix has amazing content likesecret christmasmiThe fortunatethat you can enjoy To watch your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows, you can also useAgain,Kodi, miChromecast.

Sometimes you may encounter Netflix error code NW-3-6 while using it, but we have provided all the top fixes that will let you overcome this error.

Netflix has a huge library that differs from region to region and if you want to access these libraries without spending money on a VPN, you can useVPN gratis para Netflixto enjoy the entire Netflix library in the region.

We hope we have guided you in the solution of the Netflix code NW-3-6. If you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 [Updated 2022] (2)

(Video) Netflix Error Code NW-3-6? "We're having a problem connecting to Netflix" Fixed 2022

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What does NW-3-6 mean? ›

This error code means you're having network connectivity issues, and it's most likely your home network isn't configured correctly, or your internet connection isn't working.

How do I fix error code NW? ›

Confirm your Xbox's DNS settings
  1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
  2. Go to Settings and choose System Settings.
  3. Choose Network Settings.
  4. Choose your network then choose Configure Network.
  5. Choose DNS Settings and choose Automatic.
  6. Turn your Xbox off and back on.
  7. Try Netflix again.

Why do I keep getting Netflix error? ›

It usually means that there's a network connectivity issue that is preventing your device from reaching Netflix.

How do I reset Netflix on my TV? ›

Sign out of Netflix
  1. From the Netflix homescreen, go left to open the menu.
  2. From the bottom of the menu, go right and select Get Help.
  3. Select Sign out.
  4. Sign back in, then try Netflix again.

How do I reset my Netflix network? ›

From the main menu, find and select Settings. Scroll down and select General. Scroll down and select Reset. From the list that opens, select Reset Network Settings.

What does error code NW mean on Netflix? ›

If you experience the error code NW-4-7, it usually means there's information stored on your device that needs to be refreshed, or that there's a network connectivity issue.

What does code NW mean? ›

The Netflix error code NW-2-5 indicates a network connectivity issue, which means that your device cannot reach the Netflix service. It's a relatively common yet challenging issue to identify and fix but, by following the right steps, you can usually resolve it on your own.

Why won't my LG TV connect to my WIFI? ›

Restart the TV and wireless router (unplug them then plug them back in). For Advanced Users: Make sure the router has MAC Filtering disabled. For Advanced Users: Make sure the router has DHCP enabled, or that you have the appropriate static IP settings programmed into the TV. If the issue persists, Contact Us.

How do I fix a network error on my smart TV? ›

Troubleshooting steps
  1. Check if an error code is displayed. ...
  2. Make sure that the TV is connected to the internet. ...
  3. Refresh the internet content. ( ...
  4. Update the TV software to the latest version. ...
  5. Perform a power reset on the TV. ...
  6. Reset the cable modem or router. ...
  7. Reset the TV to the original factory settings.
May 26, 2022

Is Netflix having problems right now? ›

We are not currently experiencing an interruption to our streaming service.

How do I fix Netflix on my smart TV? ›

Restart your home network
  1. Turn off or unplug your smart TV.
  2. Unplug your modem (and your wireless router, if it's a separate device) from power for 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in your modem and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on. ...
  4. Turn your smart TV back on and try Netflix again.

Does Netflix tell you when someone is watching? ›

In account settings, you also can find the “Viewing activity” for each profile on a Netflix account in the “My Profile” section.

How do I fix my Netflix Internet connection? ›

Network error: There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later.
Restart your home network
  1. Turn off your device, then unplug your modem and router from power.
  2. After 30 seconds, plug in your modem and router.
  3. Wait 1 minute, then turn on your device.
  4. Try Netflix again.

How do I delete and reinstall Netflix? ›

You can reinstall Netflix at any time.
Most Android devices
  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for Netflix.
  3. From the Netflix app store page, select Uninstall. Uninstalling the Netflix app will delete any TV shows and movies you have downloaded to the device.
  4. To confirm, select OK.

What does resetting Netflix on a device do? ›

Refresh any outdated Netflix information stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by resetting the app. Note: Resetting the app will delete any titles you have downloaded to the device.

Why won't Netflix connect to my network? ›

Restart your home network

Turn off your device, then unplug your modem and router from power. After 30 seconds, plug in your modem and router. Wait 1 minute, then turn on your device. Try Netflix again.

Can I reset my network settings? ›

Luckily, you can reset the network settings at any time. This won't delete any of your apps, photos, or other data. All it will erase are your saved Wi-Fi passwords, and other connection information. It'll also likely help your Android device connect to the internet or Bluetooth again.

Why are my Netflix servers not connecting? ›

Contact your internet service provider

Check for an internet outage in your area. Fix common router or modem issues and incorrect network settings. Restart or reset your network's connection.

Why does my TV keep saying unable to connect to WiFi? ›

Power reset your modem/router

Unplug the power cable to your modem/router and wait about 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable to your modem/router and make sure it's turned on. Wait until the device is finished making it's connection to the internet and your network. Perform the network diagnosis.

Why does my smart TV keep saying WiFi not connected? ›

If the Wi-Fi® signal on your TV device drops or intermittently disconnects, try a power restart or reset of your TV and your modem/router first. A power cycle or reset of your devices often resolved these issues. Then if needed, check your network connection status and the troubleshooting steps provided.

Why do I keep getting network error? ›

If the error is only occurring on your computer, please disconnect from your internet connection for sixty seconds and then re-connect. Taking this step should help because it refreshes the connection between your computer and your internet. Once you are re-connected to the internet, refresh your browser and try again.

How do I reset my home network on my smart TV? ›

To perform a network refresh on your Samsung Smart TV:
  1. Grab your remote & press the Home button to get to Settings.
  2. Navigate the menu to go to Settings > General > Network.
  3. Hover over the option to Reset Network and select YES.
  4. Restart your TV.
Jan 25, 2022

Why does Netflix keep saying we re having trouble playing this title right now? ›

' This error can happen when a network issue stops your device from reaching Netflix, or if there's a problem with the TV show or movie you're trying to watch.

How do I uninstall and reinstall Netflix on my smart TV? ›

Uninstalling an app and redownloading it often works on smartphones, so it's also worth a try on your TV. To remove Netflix from your Samsung smart TV, press the Home button on your remote. Then navigate to the Apps tab and select the Settings cog. Now locate Netflix from your list of apps and select Delete.

Why has Netflix suddenly stopped working on my TV? ›

Check your internet connection

Of course, if you see a connection error in the Netflix app or your videos play unreliably, there's a good chance that there's a problem with your internet connection — either your WiFi router needs to be rebooted or the service from your ISP is problematic.

Can I kick someone off my Netflix? ›

If that person has their profile on your account, you can transfer it to their new account and delete it from yours. However, if they don't have a profile or simply use your login information to keep watching Netflix without paying, you can kick them off using a new feature in your account settings.

How do I see who is using my Netflix? ›

Access the Settings menu
  1. Scroll down to the Settings section and click the "Recent device streaming activity" link.
  2. There you will see a list of devices, locations, and IP addresses that have recently been used to access your account.
May 22, 2021

How does Netflix know who is in your household? ›

Netflix says on its website that the company uses "IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account" to determine which devices are in the same household. "People who do not live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix," the site says.

How do you fix your account can't be used in this location Netflix? ›

Your account wasn't bought directly from Netflix or an authorized source. If you didn't create your account directly with Netflix or you bought your account from an unauthorized retailer, you'll need to sign up for a new account in the same country where it will be used.

How do you fix Netflix Cannot play on this location? ›

This error can happen if a VPN is active on your device or network while using Netflix. To fix the problem, turn off your VPN and try Netflix again. To learn more about VPNs, check if a VPN is active, or turn your VPN off, go to Watching TV shows and movies through a VPN.

How do I fix the proxy server on Netflix? ›

Here's how to fix the Netflix proxy error:

Download and install the appropriate VPN app or browser extension for your device. Open the VPN app or browser extension and connect to a server in your home country. Clear your browser's cache and cookies. This ensures Netflix forgets your actual IP address and location.

How do I fix Netflix not working on my smart TV? ›

Navigate to Settings and select Apps. Choose System Apps. Select the Netflix app and click on Clear Cache. After the cache is cleared, try to start the Netflix app again.

Is it illegal to change location on Netflix? ›

While Netflix has a ban against VPNs and proxy servers, it's perfectly legal to use VPNs on Netflix; it just may not work. Netflix has specific licensing agreements with TV shows and movies, meaning that they're only allowed to offer them to certain audiences, divided by country.

Is it legal to change your location on Netflix? ›

Officially, you can only change your region on Netflix (Opens in a new tab)if you move(Opens in a new tab), but you can work around this by using a VPN. The content available on Netflix differs by region, so for example what is offered on Netflix U.S. varies from what is offered on Netflix UK.

Is Netflix having issues today? ›

We are not currently experiencing an interruption to our streaming service. We strive to bring you TV shows and movies you want to watch, whenever you want to watch them, but on very rare occasions we do experience a service outage.

Are the Netflix servers down? › is UP and reachable by us. Please check and report on local outages below ... The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.

Why is Netflix blocking my IP? ›

Netflix has a security system that detects when multiple users log on from the same IP address, which indicates that the associated traffic is coming from a VPN server. If your Netflix VPN suddenly stops working, it means Netflix has blocklisted the IP address of the VPN server you're connecting to.

How do I stop Netflix blocking VPN? ›

Here's how to bypass VPN blocks on Netflix and other platforms
  1. First, sign up for a VPN that can unblock a wide range of streaming services. ...
  2. Download the appropriate version of the app for your device, then log in.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in the required country. ...
  4. Finally, play a video on your chosen service.
Jan 16, 2023

How do I remove proxy or unblocker? ›

Click on the cogwheel icon and select Internet Options. In the Connections tab, click on LAN settings. Under Proxy server, uncheck the box next to Use a proxy server for your LAN. Uncheck the box next to Use automatic configuration script.

How do I update Netflix on my smart TV? ›

Update the Netflix app

From the Home screen, tap the App Store icon. Tap Search, then enter "Netflix" in the search box. Tap Netflix, then tap Update.

How do I clear Netflix cache on my Samsung TV? ›

To do this, go to your TV's settings and select “Apps.” From there, you can select the app that you want to clear the cache for and choose “Clear Cache.”

How do I reconnect Netflix to my TV? ›

Connect using Netflix 2nd Screen
  1. Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.
  2. Launch the Netflix app on both your TV and your mobile device.
  3. Sign in to the same Netflix account on both your TV and your mobile device.
  4. Select the Cast icon.


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