Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (2023)

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (1)

Started playing Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S) but having trouble ranking up? Check out our tips, tricks and tricks to build the best car and get promoted in the new addictive mobile game.

Mobile game developers last weekZeptoLabName, released his new addictive hit,Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S.)and if you love a good mobile game but haven't tried it yet, we recommend you start right away.Crash Arena TurbostarsNot only does it offer beautiful graphics and animations, but it also combines enough engineering strategy and action to make it a lot of fun for all types of mobile gamers. At theGLove, players are tasked with building the best crash-and-crush derby car (think Scout Derby car) they can find, which is then thrown into an arena to see which player survives. While building a winning car doesn't seem that difficult on the surface, it can be surprisingly complex. There are several adjustable variables such as wheels, building and equipped tools that can affect battle results. If you're new to the game, figuring out how to win more battles and get promoted can be difficult. While we won't say we've got it all figured out, after several days of fighting we've decided to put together a beginner's cheat guide with tips to help you get more wins and climb the rankings. We've also created a separate tips guide covering the best cars, builds and weapons for beginners, linked below, so be sure to check it out!

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Crash Area Turbo Stars Tips: Beginner's Guide to Build the Best Car and Get Promoted

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (2)

general building tips

Tip #1: Test lots of combinations

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock some basic chassis, wheels, weapon types, and gadgets. As you accumulate more of them, be sure to test out different item combinations to see what is most effective. For example, even if you have more than one of a given chassis, you should still test it out with different wheels/weapons/gadgets. The reason for this is that even if you have three Classic chassis, none of them have the same number of wheels and gadget connections, nor are these elements positioned in the same places. Furthermore, different versions of the same chassis, wheels or gadgets also have different amounts of health, damage and energy. Once you build a vehicle, run it through at least 5 quick battles to see how it stacks up against various competitors. If you find a build that looks pretty good, focus on updating it in small increments. If you start hitting a brick wall with your build, before investing in more upgrades, go back through the testing process again to see if you have something new that might work better/have better stats.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (3)

Tip #2 - Keep Good Construction Records

(Video) CATS | FASTEST Way to Prestige!? | Crash Arena Turbo Stars

No build is going to win every fight, but if you find one that works well, it's a good idea to keep screenshots of it too. As the game progresses, you will make many different combinations. Keeping screenshots of good builds ensures you don't forget them and can also help you compare your stats to a new vehicle you might be testing. When you get to championship battles, you'll often need to use different vehicles to earn more medals (more on championships below) and get promoted, so you'll need to keep a few good different builds in mind.

Tip #2 - Pay attention to which vehicles you beat

Whether it's quick battles or championship battles, you'll want to be on the lookout for vehicles that seem to be beating you. If the difference is mainly weapon damage or health, then you may need to upgrade your components. If it's a specific feature like vehicles with forklifts or classic low wheel body types, you need to think about how to modify your vehicle to reduce the chance of losing against these types of vehicles. You can't always solve the problem, but thinking about your weaknesses is the best way to start improving.

Tip #3 – Choose the best backup

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (4)

As you rise through the ranks, you must start upgrading your vehicle and parts to keep winning. This is mostly done by merging parts. As mentioned earlier, be aware of your weaknesses. If you have a fairly powerful weapon, but you don't have a lot of health, then focus on improving your vehicle's health. The parts that contribute to the health of the vehicle are mainly the wheels and the chassis. Before fusing a spare part to one of your items, you should test which fuse works best. For example, if I have 6 different blades and I'm ready to fuse up to 3 of them elsewhere, I'd test each one first to see how much use it brings to me when merging. Sometimes you'll find that you can complete an upgrade by smelting just one specific part instead of three or four. Certain parts also offer more upgrade value. You can test them out by holding a part you want to merge over the part you want to update and see how the stats affect it.

Master Levels and Quick Battle Leagues: Advice on advancing

K.A.T.S. has two different promotion systems for players: tiers and leagues. Stages are for championships and leagues for quick battles.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (5)

Quick Battle Leagues

Similar to local leagues, Quick Battles are a great way to practice and improve your builds, while earning some valuable rewards as you level up in your league. You level up by winning quick battles and collecting rank points (blue cat). Here are some tips for getting more review points.


#1 – Play while you win

So, of course, to get a lot of ranking points, you need to run the best possible build. If you find one that wins, keep playing until you lose. The reason is because this starts a sequence. Each time you win a battle, you will receive more rank points than the previous battle (up to 40) until your winning streak is broken.

#2 - Don't waste too much

If you have a build where you're losing more than you're gaining, it's a good idea to switch builds. Just as you earn more ranking points for longer winning streaks, the more battles you lose in a row, the more ranking points you lose. You can lose a fight and receive no penalty, but you lose 4 rating points for every fight you lose consecutively.

championship stages

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips and Tricks: Rank Up Strategies (6)

In championship mode, there are 24 different stages that you advance through, and then you have an opportunity to gain prestige and start the game again, keeping your previously earned skills, ranks and gems. Leveling up not only brings you valuable resources like gems and coins, but also unlocks enhanced vehicle tiers. The first 2-3 levels are pretty easy to complete, but it gets harder the higher you go.

There are two methods to get promoted. The first is to fight a big fight and win all 14 battles. The second is to be the best player in your group at the end of a 48 hour season.

Here are some tips on how to get promoted and level up.

(Video) CATS | THE EASIEST WAY TO PROMOTE | Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Tip #1 - Experience the Big Fight

When you get promoted to a new tier, it's best to have a big battle where you basically fight all 14 enemies in your party to see how your vehicle stacks up. If you win all 14 fights, you will be promoted immediately. If you can't beat them all at once, you can still get promoted, it just takes more work. However, a roll quickly resolves at least some fights. As mentioned earlier, pay attention to which vehicles you are winning in the championship and make a note of whether the issue is related to Health, Offense or Building, as you will need to use this information in the next step.

Tip #2 - Tuning and testing against individuals

After completing your Big Fight, open the Championship section again and take a look at the roster. Players with a red sword next to their name are the ones you couldn't defeat. These are the players you need to beat to earn more medals. At the end of a season, each player has between 0 and 14 medals, and the player with the most medals is promoted. To get more medals, you must find a way to beat the players that you failed to beat in the grand battle. This means you need to test a new build. So, for example, if you lost to players who had a forklift, test a building that is immune to the forklift or can still deal damage when flipped. Use this build against players you didn't defeat in the Big Fight. Take on different builds against players you've lost against until you find one you can win, then cross your fingers to stay on top.

Tip #3 - Try to play late in the season

One day before the end of the tournament you have 14 medals. The next morning you wake up with 4 medals and someone else has been promoted. What happened? What happened was that players in your groups upgraded their vehicles, fought you, and were after you (yes, players can fight you even when you're not around). So it's a good idea to play at the end of the season to have a better chance of keeping your medals. If you can't, check how you rank every time you play.

Do you have any great Crash Arena Turbo Stars tips and tricks? Email and if we like it we'll add them to our guide, with a tip to share of course.


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How do I get more co pilots for my cat? ›

Once your co-pilot reaches level 11, you can choose 1 of the 2 new skills. The choice is permanent, so choose wisely! — How to get new co-pilots? At the moment, you can get new co-pilots by purchasing special offers in the Store, but in the future there'll probably be more ways to obtain them.

What is the best weapon in cats? ›

CATS Parts/Car Guide: Frontal Assault
  • Best Body: Classic, Sneaky, Pyramid maybe Surfer.
  • Best Weapons: Chainsaw, Stinger, Drill.
  • Best Utility: Forklift, Boost.
May 22, 2017

How do I get more power in cats? ›

Tap on your car in the main menu to enter the Garage. To upgrade your machine, you need gold and spare parts. Both can be found in the supply boxes that you get by winning quick fights and being promoted into the next stage or league.

How can I improve my Turbo game? ›

With Game Turbo, you can choose to boost performance or battery life, depending on your needs.
  1. Game Turbo 4.0 Compatible Devices.
  2. Download Game Turbo 4.0 APK.
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Can you complete challenges in Turbo? ›

Hero stats in the player profile are not updated, the All Hero Challenge can be done in Turbo Mode. Wins in Turbo Mode count as half wins for Arcanas that track wins.

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What is the death lamp in Cats? ›

Death Lamp is a championship weapon that can only be acquired from the shop using gems or real-life money or Grand Prix. It is a very short-ranged weapon that aims by itself, and it has to charge up before it deals damage, just like the Death Ray.

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Turbo Inefficiency

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Finally, you can complete your Cavern Crawl in this game mode, but it will only count as Turbo victory. This is not necessarily the most efficient way to complete the Caverns, but it is an option to keep in mind.

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If you want absolute maximum performance, and don't mind higher temperatures and fan noise, Turbo mode is for you. This mode is ideal if you're gaming with a noise-isolating headset like our ROG Fusion II 500, or if you're letting a video render overnight in another room where you won't hear the fans anyway.

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How do lasers work in Crash Arena Turbo stars? ›

Lasers fire beams that instantly reach the other side of the arena, and each beam lasts between 0.5 and 1.0 second - having the effect that only a "full" beam contact delivers full damage. It fires every 2.5 seconds. Because of its long reload, it causes more damage when fired.

What does turbo machine do battle cats? ›

Effect. Each Turbo Machine reduces the Cat Cannon's recharge time by a maximum of 5 seconds. When a player has activated Turbo Machine at 100% in all three chapters, the Cat Cannon's recharge time is reduced by 15 seconds.

How do you get gems in crash of cars? ›

  1. Gems are the premium currency of the game.
  2. They can be earned by: Watching an advertisement at the gem shop on the game's main menu. Each gives 2, and has a cooldown of 30 minutes. Leveling Up. This usually gives 4-7 gems. Getting a "maxed out" vehicle using the Prize Machine.

Should I point a laser at the sky? ›

You should NEVER aim a laser pointer at or near an airplane, helicopter or drone (drones are legally considered aircraft and you may blind or damage the operator's camera). It is not safe, you may be arrested, and you may help get laser pointers banned.

How do you unlock the laser cat? ›

Laser Cat cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine because it is a token mascot. To unlock him, the player should follow these steps: Go to Pecking Order(die two or three times, you will be able to watch an ad for tokens, repeat) or die(you will randomly be offered to watch an ad for tokens).

What weapon does a cat use? ›

Claws. There is a remarkable mechanism for retracting the cat's claws when they are not in use.

How do you get the premium tower cat game? ›

The player must go the Craft section and craft the Premium Key in the Legendary tier. Once obtained, Premium Keys can be used at anytime by the player or saved until the player wants to use them. Specific cats and decos can be directly purchased from the Premium Tower with Premium Keys: Common = 2 Premium Keys.

How do you get the Joker card in cats? ›

You can now add Joker Cards of matching rarity to substitute the copies that you lack for the upgrade. If you have the required amount of copies and suitable Joker cards, all you need to do is upgrade as usual, and the process will be automatic.

How do you get cats in battle? ›

From the Google Play Store, find "The Battle Cats" application and select "Update". The update will then download and install automatically. From the iTunes App Store, find "The Battle Cats" app page, and select "Update". The update will then download and install automatically.

Is Cow Cat good battle cats? ›

Cow Cat is one of the fastest non-gacha cats you can have in the Empire of Cats Chapters. His speed means that he can easily rush to the frontlines to do some quick damage or block some hits for your ranged attackers when your meatshields get wiped out, but pay attention to your wallet!

Is Lil Cow Cat good battle cats? ›

Due to being the Li'l version of a Normal Cat, Li'l Cow Cat suffers from a severe lack of good basic stats, which makes this unit underperform greatly in his field. For this reason, usage of Li'l Cow Cat prior to unlocking his True Form is not recommended.

How do you get level 30 cats in Battle Cats? ›

At rank 1600, Special Cats can be upgraded to level 30. Once a player has reached the requirement of rewards, there will be a flashing exclamation "Pts!" sign on the user rank button to notify player there is a reward available.

Where is the hidden gem in Crash? ›

Regular Hidden Gem: The hidden gem is on a platform high above the bonus platform. From there, head to the right to hit the checkpoint. Go up the steps, then do a slide jump to the left to get to the higher platform — watch out for the Nitro box.

How do you get the moon car in crashed cars? ›

Lunar rover needs a few satelite dishes on a few maps, look for the square on the car that can be red and make it green, after all satelites you will find the car on moon near the satelite, perhaps.


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