Chief Technology Officer: CIO of Health Plan - West Coast - Remote in Seattle, WA, USA. (2023)

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Chief Technology Officer: CIO of Health Plan - West Coast - Remote in Seattle, WA, USA. (1)

Chief Technology Officer: CIO of Health Plan - West Coast - Remote in Seattle, WA, USA. (2)

Chief Technology Officer: CIO of Health Plan - West Coast - Remote in Seattle, WA, USA. (3)

Chief Technology Officer: CIO of Health Plan - West Coast - Remote in Seattle, WA, USA. (4)

Required number:2163365

Employment Category:Technology

Local principal:Seattle, WA
(Remote considered)

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Chief Technology Officer: CIO of Health Plan - West Coast - Remote in Seattle, WA, USA. (5)

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Optum is a global care organization using technology to help millions of people live healthier lives. The work you do with our team will directly improve health outcomes by connecting people to the care, pharmacy benefits, data and resources they need to feel good. Here you'll find a culture driven by diversity and inclusion, talented colleagues, comprehensive benefits and career development opportunities. Come make an impact in the communities we serve while helping us advance health equity on a global scale. Join us to get startedAffectionate. Connecting. Growing together.

As an individual contributor, you will be part of the local leadership team working with internal and external partners to support the successful strategic definition, delivery and maintenance of the information systems that support United Healthcare Medicaid's business. You'll also be part of a larger team of individual contributors who provide thought leadership and strategic alignment across the entire Medicaid technology organization. The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience leading matrix teams, proven skills that ensure successful implementation of programs and initiatives, experience working with senior leaders, and strategic planning in the healthcare industry.

This role requires excellent communication, problem-solving skills, curiosity, and the ability to be both a doer and a leader.

The quality candidate can leverage their business knowledge in the healthcare industry to support day-to-day, innovative IT efforts and should excel in high-impact, escalating crisis situations. This position will be a key contact for the IT efforts and work with the appropriate delivery areas for IT projects for our Hawaii/Washington business. The overall objective of this position is to provide executive oversight and leadership in a strong matrix environment so that government and business partner IT needs are met and contractual compliance is achieved.

If you're based in the western region, you have the flexibility to work remotely* while dealing with some tough challenges.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Building a relationship:
    • Create and enhance partnerships with the state, health plans, IT and service units to build long-lasting, transparent and trusting relationships.
    • Represents UnitedHealthcare at state meetings; Interacts with leaders of state and community health plans and shared services for seniors
  • Leadership:
    • Influencing, negotiating effectively and providing recommendations to achieve win-win solutions with our state partner, health plan, business and IT service partners related to IT initiatives.
    • Lead change and innovation by demonstrating emotional resilience, managing change by proactively communicating the case for change, and fostering a culture that thrives on change
    • Influence healthcare, business services units, state partners, and IT staff by promoting teamwork and collaboration, driving employee engagement, and leveraging diversity and inclusion
    • Provide oversight and guidance to leaders to ensure IT applications and operations are running effectively through high levels of engagement with leaders of health plans and service units.
    • Develop and mentor others while increasing awareness of your own strengths and developmental needs.
    • Active participant in local/regional health plan leadership, operational leadership group, business objectives and strategic initiatives
    • Be a strategic leader contributing to the growth agenda
  • Regulatory and growth effectiveness:
    • Provides SME (subject matter expertise) on business features such as claims, members, clinics, vendors, X.12 transactions, etc. to provide a translation of business need into technical requirements for IT growth and regulatory initiatives.
    • Strategize and analyze with business leaders to identify and frame your IT needs, mapping them to strategic plans and prioritizing them
    • Drive high-quality execution and operational excellence by communicating clear instructions and expectations
    • Play an active role in implementing innovative solutions, challenging the status quo and encouraging others to improve overall effectiveness
    • Support program and project managers to ensure programs/projects are delivered on time, within budget, for benefit and quality, and intervene to resolve issues as needed
    • Represent United at state-mandated meetings and influence the design and timing of state requirements through written recommendations, questions and clarifications, and open comment forums.
    • Collaborate with other MCOs (managed care organizations) to drive common processes and schedules for statewide deliveries
  • Performance and satisfaction:
    • Responsible for meeting state requirements for transaction uploads (834, 837, 820, vendor files, etc.) and compliance of our technology platforms with state needs.
    • Drive strong, disciplined decisions that drive action while effectively using business insights from IT and healthcare.
    • Provides leadership and is accountable for state and health plan satisfaction with IT initiatives and performance.
    • Partners with leaders to determine funding and budget, time, and resource requirements for projects.
    • Leverage broader knowledge and SME (subject matter expertise) to revise and challenge IT task estimates and generate efficient and timely solutions
  • Innovations/Strategy
    • Introduce and align business and technology innovations in our markets to promote retention and growth among members and suppliers.
    • Collaborate and provide subject matter expertise to help write winning Request For Proposal (RFP) technology solutions in support of United's growth initiatives
    • Provides blueprints, options and executable solutions to existing UHC problems that require innovative solutions
    • Provide strategic leadership, collaboration, and subject matter expertise to help write winning technology responses to RFPs (request for proposal) in support of UHC's growth initiatives

You will be rewarded and recognized for your performance in an environment that will challenge you and give you clear guidance on what it takes to be successful in your role, as well as providing development for other roles you may be interested in.

Required Qualifications:

  • More than 10 years of professional experience in the domain of IT or product management
  • 5+ years of leadership and influence experience in a matrix organization
  • 2+ years of director-level experience
  • Experience in healthcare

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in a related field (such as healthcare administration, information technology, or business administration)
  • Work experience in the Medicaid industry or other government-sponsored healthcare programs
  • Experience with regulatory compliance requirements and audits.
  • Strong understanding of emerging technologies and trends in healthcare IT

Technology careers with Optum.Information and technology have incredible power to transform the healthcare industry and improve people's lives. This is where it's happening. This is where you will help solve the problems that were never solved. We are releasing information so that it can be used securely wherever it is needed. We are creating the best ideas that can be more easily put into practice to help our customers improve the quality of care and reduce costs for millions. This is where the best and the brightest work together to make positive change a reality. This is the place to dothe best job of your life.(sm)

Only residents of California, Colorado, Nevada or Washington:The salary range for residents of California, Colorado, Nevada or Washington is $118,000 to $226,800. Pay is based on several factors including, but not limited to, education, work experience, certifications, etc. In addition to your salary, UnitedHealth Group offers benefits such as a comprehensive benefits package, incentive and recognition programs, stock purchases and 401k contributions (all benefits are subject to eligibility requirements). No matter where or when you start your career with UnitedHealth Group, you'll find a wide range of benefits and incentives.

*All employees who work remotely must comply with the UnitedHealth Group Telecommuting Policy.

At UnitedHealth Group, our mission is to help people live healthier lives and make the health care system work better for everyone. We believe that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, location and income, deserves the chance to live a healthier life. Today, however, there are still many barriers to good health that are disproportionately faced by people of color, historically marginalized groups, and those with lower incomes. We are committed to mitigating our impact on the environment and enabling and delivering equitable care that addresses health disparities and improves health outcomes, a business priority reflected in our mission statement.

Diversity creates a healthier atmosphere: UnitedHealth Group is an equal opportunity employment/affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, veteran status protected by state, disability status, sexual status. sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

UnitedHealth Group is a drug-free workplace. Applicants must pass a drug test before starting work.

Additional detailed information about the job

number needed2163365

business segmentoptimized technology

employee statusRegular

work levelDirector

TripYes, 10% of the time

Country:FOR US

overtime statusexempt

Timelinefull time

To changeWork day

teleworker positionSim

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