Best Time to Visit Goa (2022) Honeymoon Seasons and Weather in Goa (2023)

John Ruskin, a leading English art critic of the Victorian era, once said, “Sunshine is delightful, rain is refreshing, wind strengthens us, snow is exhilarating; There really is no such thing as bad weather, just different types of good weather.” While you may not have had travelers in mind when making that statement, the idea holds true for many adventure seekers, who are happiest when they explore their dream destinations.

Speaking of dream destinations,Ordefinitely makes the cut as an Indian favourite. Whether you're a thrill seeker, a romantic reveler, a party animal or just a laid-back soul, the land of sun, sand and surf will never fail to seduce you. From its serenading golden sands and rolling waves to glorious churches and magnificent forts, Goa has something for everyone. Enchanted by this seductress of a destiny? Well, you're not alone. But many travelers are unaware that Goa's charm reveals itself in different ways at different times of the year. So what is the best time to visit Goa? Read on to learn more.

Best time to visit Goa based on weather conditions

Best Time to Visit Goa (2022) Honeymoon Seasons and Weather in Goa (1)

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Goa enjoys the glow of its fun and playful atmosphere that can be experienced at any time of the year. Meteorologically, Goa has a tropical monsoon climate which makes it hot and humid for most of the year. The weather in Goa does not deviate from the common seasonal pattern that runs through the rest of India. Like most of the country, the region also has distinct seasons: summer, monsoon and winter.

Summers in Goa (March to June): for budget vacations

Summer heat hits Goa between March and early June. Temperatures often fluctuate between 24 degrees and 36 degrees, sometimes touching even higher. As the humidity level also remains high, summers in Goa can be a bit uncomfortable.

Fabulous Tips:There are some good points of visiting Goa during the summer. As it is a time of scarcity, prices drop dramatically at this time of year. So you can expect to get cheaper prices for just about everything from airfare and accommodation to food and even car or bike hire. You can also practice various water sports at reduced prices and, if you feel like it, you can also visit some of thepopular water parks in Goato beat the summer heat.

Remember, many beach huts close their shutters during this period due to low tourist numbers. Summers might not be the best time to visit the region, but if you don't want to go out a lot and face the sun, there's nothing wrong with planning a trip around this time. Plus, it's a great time for anyone looking to avoid the rowdy crowds and get cheap deals.

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Monsoon in Goa (July to September) – For trekking and cruising

The rains fall in love with Goa in abundance during the monsoons. Between mid-June and early August, the rains caress the region almost every day. After that, it may not rain as often, but the sky remains overcast. In September, the post-monsoon flowering gives Goa an enchanting appearance.

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Fabulous Tips:The positive side of the story is that during the monsoon Goa takes on a lush green appearance. It's the best time to explore the waterfalls, as they present a fascinating look, thanks to the heavy rains that leave them gushing and flowing with more force. The sea can have huge waves that are not very safe for water sports, but you can always enjoy quiet moments on the golden sandy beaches.

As there are not many tourists, prices for almost everything drop and tourist attractions are deserted. so this is anotherreason to visit goa during monsoonsas you can enjoy the beauty of this rain-swept region on a tight budget. Adventurers can also opt for sailing and river rafting. Also, the nightlife here continues uninterrupted during the rainy season. This means that even if it's raining, there's absolutely nothing to stop you from visiting thebars and pubs in goa.

Winters in Goa (October to February) – For water sports

As the monsoon begins to fade, winter arrives with a slight chill in the air. This period can be described as the season of good weather and also the best time to visit Goa. The coastal land enjoys the cool breeze blowing in from the sea and the temperature is around 20 to 22 degrees. As such, it becomes pleasant to spend long hours playing or resting on the beach.

Fabulous Tips:November to February is peak tourist season in this festive capital of India. Thanks to the good weather, the crowds increase during this period, there is a party mood in the air and the clubs are full of party animals. It is also the best time to enjoy various water sports and sunset beach parties. If you want to feel the modern and dynamic pulse of Goa and get your dose of fun, sun and surf, then you should plan your trip during the winter season. But book your accommodation in advance, as mosthotels in Goiásstay full during this time.

Best time to visit Goa on honeymoon

Best Time to Visit Goa (2022) Honeymoon Seasons and Weather in Goa (2)

What can be a better place than Goa for your honeymoon? Whether it's your first honeymoon or you're looking to relive the excitement of those early days with a repeat adventure, this land is perfect for every romantic getaway. Coming to the best time for honeymoon in Goa, it is between October and April. With the weather improving, festive vibes start to fill the air in Goa during this time. You can find hotels, nightclubs and other places decorated with fairy lights, giving a romantic touch to the whole environment.

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Fabulous Tips:For romantic couples who want to avoid the crowds and rush, October, March and April are ideal for a honeymoon trip to Goa. This is the time when you can have the beaches all to yourself. The mesmerizing beauty of the romantic beaches of Goa can further ignite your love. Engage in exhilarating water sports, take long walks hand-in-hand under the moonlight, enjoy candlelit dinners on the beach or simply watch the hues of the sunset on pristine beaches, all without the pressure of having to deal with massive crowds everywhere. go. You can even book one of the hotels and resorts on the beaches for a memorable honeymoon.

However, if you are excited aboutexploring goaWith your partner in all their tourist splendor, plan your trip between November and February. A honeymoon in Goa during the festive season can be an experience in itself. As everyone in Goa wears a festive attire, it can also increase the feeling of celebration in your heart. Sea lovers visiting during peak season, wanting the best of the state's bustle and privacy, might opt ​​for the less crowded one.beaches in goa.

Best time to visit Goa for festivals and events

Best Time to Visit Goa (2022) Honeymoon Seasons and Weather in Goa (3)

Think of Goa and the first things that come to mind are its sunny beaches, sparkling waves and wonderful churches. But there is more to Goa than these natural and cultural wonders. It hosts several unique events and festivals that add to its charm. If you likeexplore this aspect of Goa, you should plan your trip according to the major events that mark Goa's calendar.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations

The Christmas and New Year festivities in this part of the country are spectacular events. From nightclubs to beach huts, wherever you turn you'll find revelers having the time of their lives. Special festivities are also organized in churches.

  • When:December, January

goan carnival

The Goa Carnival is the biggest carnival held in India and one of the few to take place in Asia. It is celebrated in late February or early March. The three-day festival is marked by vibrant parade floats, dancing troupes, electrifying music, contests, food and drink, which combine to make it a unique treat for all to watch and participate in.

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  • When:February March

I throw a party

The Mando Festival celebrates a centuries-old Goan art form. This iconic festival has been celebrated in this coastal land for 30 years. Melodic tunes and seductive dance performances are the highlights of this event that shows a side of Goa overshadowed by its glamor and glitz.

  • When:December

Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

Goa pays homage to Saint Francis Xavier, its patron saint, with a big party on the 3rdthirdDecember of each year. The day marks the occasion of the saint's burial. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, where the saint lies entombed in a silver coffin, is the center stage of the festival, where millions of enthusiasts from around the world gather to celebrate the occasion.

  • When:December

Resurrection Easter

Easter celebrations in Goa are widespread, starting the day before Good Friday. The most incredible celebrations take place in Panaji. In addition to the mass, the re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus and the Easter feast are among the highlights of the Easter festivities in Goa.

  • When:March April

international film festival

In November, the crème-de-la-crème of Indian cinema arrives in Goa for the glittering International Film Festival. You can even witness international directors and artists taking part in various exciting events at this festival. As the name suggests, the main event here is the showing of the latest films made in India in different languages.

  • When:November

grape break

Every year in January, Goa hosts the biggest wine festival in the country. Held in the second half of April, the festival offers you the opportunity to taste delicious food while enjoying music, dancing and fashion shows. However, the highlight of the festival is the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines produced in India.

  • When:April

Goa Heritage Festival

A five-day festival celebrating Goa's rich heritage and culture! You will be able to witness Goan artisans displaying their skills and creativity. In addition to handicrafts, crafts, pottery, coconut crafts, wood crafts and food stalls, the festival also includes several fun performances of traditional folk dances.

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  • When:April May

Festival of Sao Joao

This festivity is celebrated in honor of San Juan Bautista on the 24th ofheJune of each year. A unique aspect of the festival is that devotees jump and swim in wells, ponds and rivers. The festival, which also marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Goa, is celebrated with lots of dancing, music and feni.

  • When:June

Festival Chikhal Kalo

Celebrated in the month of July, this festival takes place in the city of Marcel. It is observed by Goan Hindus to celebrate Lord Krishna's children's games during their early years. Everyone can participate in this unique celebration, which consists of playing in the mud.

  • When:Julius

Depending on how you want to explore the place, choose the best time to visit. No matter what season you choose to come here, you'll return with a trunk full of memories. So here's a happy ride.

Best time to visit Goias

  • Summers in Goa (March to June): for budget vacations
  • Monsoon in Goa (July to September) – For trekking and cruising
  • Winters in Goa (October to February) – For water sports


Best Time to Visit Goa (2022) Honeymoon Seasons and Weather in Goa? ›

October-March is the right time to visit Goa. This is the peak season for tourism, where the weather is pleasant and dry. The typical temperature during this time is between 22°C and 28°C.

Which season is best for honeymoon in Goa? ›

Best Time to Visit Goa for Honeymoon

Coming to the best time for honeymoon in Goa, it is between October and April. With the weather taking a pleasant turn, the festive vibes start to fill up the Goan air during this time.

Which month is best to visit Goa in 2022? ›

The best time to visit Goa is from November to February. These are the winter best month to visit Goa, with temperatures hovering between 21 ⁰C and 28 ⁰C. The pleasant weather is perfect to laze around on the beaches of Goa.

When rainy season starts in Goa 2022? ›

The monsoons in Goa typically last from June to September. This is the season during which people avoid Goa, simply because people associate Goa with beaches, sun and sand, and therefore, a rainy day is a huge letdown for beach bums.

Which months are best for Goa trip? ›

Mid-November to Mid-February: These are the best months to visit the party capital since the weather is pleasantly cool and comfortable. It's the perfect time to relax on the beaches amidst other tourists who make the most of these three months in Goa.

Which month is cheapest for Goa? ›

April to September is the off-season in Goa, with fewer tourists and lower costs.

In which month Goa is less crowded? ›

Avoiding crowds: To avoid the largest crowds in Goa, consider visiting during the off-peak season, which typically runs from June to September, coinciding with the monsoon season. During this time, you can expect fewer tourists, lower prices for accommodations, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Which is the best and worst month to visit Goa? ›

Goa is a popular beach destination in India. As it is affected by the monsoon from June to October, the best times to visit Goa are from November to April with less rain and better weather.

Which month is rainy in Goa? ›

The period of June to September is South West Monsoon Season. This is most rainy season for Goa state.

Which month is hottest in Goa? ›

In Goa, the month of May is considered as the hottest month as it usually carries day temperatures of almost 35°C (95°F) with high humidity.

Is Goa cheaper in monsoon? ›

The price can sometimes be as low as 50% compared to the peak winter season. All the popular beaches of Goa, including Baga, Calangute, Candolim and Panjim in the North and Colva and Benaulim in South Goa, all have decent places to live, available at much cheaper prices.

Which place is best for stay in Goa? ›

The best locations here are - Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Morjim, Mandrem and Ashvem. South Goa: This area is the more relaxed and luxurious with cleaner and quieter beaches. The best locations here are - Agonda, Palolem, Patem, Benalim, Colva, Cavelossim and Arrosim.

Is it worth going to Goa in rainy season? ›

Is it good to visit Goa in monsoon? Yes, if you want to witness the lush green and the enhanced beauty of Goa during monsoon then you can surely plan a visit during this season. Where should I stay in Goa during monsoon? You can book a stay near Anjuna, Vagator, and Arambol during monsoon for a perfect experience.

How much time is sufficient for Goa trip? ›

If you can afford to take a long leaves from your job and responsibility, avid travelers recommend you to spend 5 Days in Goa. With these five days, you can enjoy every element of beauty in this land. Do not start with beaches, because, you would never have the heart to leave and enjoy other activities.

How many days are enough for Goa trip? ›

2 Days Trip to Goa

Even a span of two days is enough to experience Goa at its best. When you're in Goa you can't miss visiting the azure beaches that are truly mesmeric. You can plan for half a day beach hopping where you can sunbathe, relax, chill out and try the thrilling water sports activities over here.

Which side of Goa is cheaper to stay? ›

If you want a budget holiday, North Goa has great options. North Goa is brimming with affordable hotels, resorts and beach shacks that offer beautiful views and are accentuated by excellent service, friendly staff and delicious food.

What is the cheapest Goa trip cost? ›

Popular Goa affordable Packages
Goa PackagesPrice (Per person on twin sharing)Nights
3 Nights Goa by Own CarRs 3,9993 Nights
Glimpse Of GoaRs 10,7503 Nights
Luxury Getaway To Goa For 5 NightsRs 13,0005 Nights
Offbeat in Goa - 3 Days TourRs 7,9993 Nights
1 more row

How much does a Goa trip cost for a week? ›

Goa Packages
Goa PackagesDay/NightPrice
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 5N Package6 Days/5 Nights₹22,600
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 6N Package7 Days/6 Nights₹21,689
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 2N Package3 Days/2 Nights₹15,761
Luxurious Honeymoon in Goa Package4 Days/3 Nights₹32,464
6 more rows

Is Goa better in June or July? ›

The beauty of Goa receives higher at some point of monsoon and as Goa is on the Konkan coast of India, it rains a lot over there and you in reality want to go to Goa in June or July. The wet season normally starts evolved in late May and extends up to September.

Which is the cleanest beach in Goa? ›

Colva Beach, South Goa

Located in South Goa just 6 km from Margao, Colva Beach is known for its romantic setting and being the cleanest beach in Goa.

What is Goa famous food? ›

The staple food of Goa is rice and fish curry. Most of the dishes incorporate coconuts, rice, fish, pork, meat and local spices like kokum. The cuisine of Goa is mostly dominated by seafood which includes shark, tuna, pomfret, and mackerel fish.

Is Goa good in June? ›

Visiting Goa in June is not something you should worry about because it has a lot of places to escape the scorching sun. And one of them is Calangute beach. It is the one of the largest beaches in Goa and is known as the Queen of beaches. This beach also offers water sports for an enthralling experience.

Are beaches closed in Goa in July? ›

Are Goa beaches closed in monsoon? No, the Goa beaches are not closed in July and the shacks are open too. But you just need to be a bit careful while you are near the beaches cause the weather sometimes becomes unpredictable.

When monsoon stops in Goa? ›

The monsoon here starts in late May and stays till September, but June to August is the peak period for downpours. While the days are a little hot and humid, evenings are cool and pleasant. If you love the rains and the green countryside that the monsoon season turns Goa into, plan your trip between July to August.

Are Goa beaches closed in August? ›

August is the only time you get to see the best of Goa's weather – The monsoons and the summers. Like the remainder of the monsoons, many hotels and resorts remain closed during August.

Which is the safest city in Goa? ›

Baga, popular for Baga beach is a town in Bardez, Goa. It's the center of most action in Goa. Baga beach is lined by numerous shacks and offers various adventure water sports that one can indulge in. It's one of the safest places in Goa, even when you wish to roam on the beach post midnight!

Which side of Goa is expensive? ›

Goa is personified by sun-kissed beaches, sprawling acres of pristine white sand, happening parties, nightclubs, tourism, adventure, water sports, and everything that gives you a holiday vibe. But, when deciding on a budget holiday between North Goa and South Goa, you must know that South Goa is way more costly.

When beaches are closed in Goa? ›

No, the beaches in Goa are not closed in monsoon but swimming and water sports are banned due to the weather. Why is the monsoon best to explore Goa? From mid June to the end of September are the monsoon months and an off season for tourists and travelers in Goa.

How do I travel to Goa for the first time? ›

Pick the best time to visit Goa

Less crowded, the weather is pleasant, where the shacks are also open during this time. So, if you are a first time visitor to Goa, and want to see what all this destination has to offer, mid-October and mid-March should be the ideal time.

How much does a Goa trip cost for 4 person? ›

Goa Packages for 4 Nights 5 Days
Goa Packages for 4 Nights 5 DaysDay/NightPrice
Taj Exotica Resort & Spa 4N Holiday Package5 Days/4 Nights₹62,513
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 4N Package5 Days/4 Nights₹20,501
All-Inclusive 4N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package5 Days/4 Nights₹23,612
7 more rows

How do I plan a Goa trip? ›

Goa Itinerary: Top 17 Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days
  1. Anjuna Beach. #1 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days. ...
  2. Calangute Beach. #2 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days. ...
  3. Fort Aguada. ...
  4. Chapora Fort aka Dil Chahta Hai Fort. ...
  5. Casino Pride. ...
  6. Basilica of Bom Jesus. ...
  7. Se Cathedral. ...
  8. Museum of Christian Art.
Oct 11, 2022

How much does 7 day trip to Goa cost? ›

Goa Packages for 7 Nights 8 Days
Goa Packages for 7 Nights 8 DaysDay/NightPrice
All Inclusive Romantic Goa 7N Holiday Package8 Days/7 Nights₹37,006
All-Inclusive Goa 7N Holiday - Flights, Sights & Transfers Package8 Days/7 Nights₹29,930

How much does it cost to go to Goa for 5 days? ›

How much will a Goa trip cost? An ideal 5 day trip to Goa will cost you around 13,000-14,000 per person, this includes your stay, sightseeing, transfers and the food. But the costing totally depends on various factors, what all places are you planning to cover in your plan.

How much does Goa trip cost for 3 days? ›

Goa Packages for 2 Nights 3 Days
Goa Packages for 2 Nights 3 DaysDay/NightPrice
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 2N Package3 Days/2 Nights₹14,844
Romance & the Wilderness in Goa - MakeMyDay Special Package3 Days/2 Nights₹26,848
All-Inclusive 2N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package3 Days/2 Nights₹15,952
7 more rows

Is Goa suitable for honeymoon? ›

Although Goa entirely is a honeymoon capital, South Goa is a bit quieter and pleasant. Newlywed couples on a honeymoon trip to Goa often prefer visiting peaceful beaches that are more in numbers in South Goa.

Which is the most expensive season in Goa? ›

  • Goa in december is 4 times more expensive..
  • Accomodation shoots up between 4k to 10 k a nite.
  • Bike rentals are between inr 1500 to 1700 a day.
  • Clubs entry is between 5k to 8k a nite.
  • But Goa is worth a visit in December..its vibrant ,its hot and sizzling. Its got crowd everywhere,its wild party time.

How many days are enough for Goa? ›

If you can afford to take a long leaves from your job and responsibility, avid travelers recommend you to spend 5 Days in Goa. With these five days, you can enjoy every element of beauty in this land. Do not start with beaches, because, you would never have the heart to leave and enjoy other activities.

Which month is warmest in Goa? ›

In Goa, the month of May is considered as the hottest month as it usually carries day temperatures of almost 35°C (95°F) with high humidity.

How much does a honeymoon cost in Goa? ›

A Goa honeymoon will cost around 25,000-35,000 INR per person for a 4-nights and 5-days package, if you choose premium accommodation. On the other hand, if you are planning a short trip for your Goa Honeymoon, it will cost you approximately INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 INR per person for a 2-nights, 3-days stay.

How many days do you need for honeymoon in Goa? ›

Goa Honeymoon Package For 7 Days

Goa is a place that offers a fine blend of sun, sand and sea and when it comes to spending some beautiful time with your beloved in the midst of golden sand beaches, there's no better place that comes to mind.

Which is best Goa or Thailand? ›

Weather And Best Time To Visit

Goa's climate keeps on changing with the months. The weather in Goa remains cooler during most of the year and is ideal for a trip. The best time to visit Thailand is between the months of November to February except for the shoulder seasons i.e April to June.

How much would a Goa trip cost? ›

Popular Goa Packages
Goa PackagesPrice (Per person on twin sharing)Nights
3 Nights Goa by Own CarRs 3,9993 Nights
Glimpse Of GoaRs 10,7503 Nights
Luxury Getaway To Goa For 5 NightsRs 13,0005 Nights
Offbeat in Goa - 3 Days TourRs 7,9993 Nights
1 more row


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