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$50-79.99: 1% discount$80-99.99: 2% discount$100-119.99: 3% discount$120-149.99: 4% discount>=USD 150: 5% discount

    Purchasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons item delivery method

    Landing on the island:We will personally deliver Animal Crossing items in-game, which is a convenient and safe method.

    (Video) Animal Crossing New Horizons - 9000+ NEW ITEMS Revealed (2.0 Update)

    Purchasing ACNH items is as easy as accessing your island. To do this, you must first play the first day on your new island, which unlocks Dodo Airlines, the hub that allows you to invite other players to your island. Before purchasing your items, you must request and provide us with a 5-digit Dodo code. First you must visit Orville with Dodo Airlines. When you interact with Orville you have the option to play locally or online. Your ticket requires you to be set up to play online via a Wi-Fi connection. The following steps will configure your settings to allow visitors and provide you with the 5 digitsDodo-Code:

    1. Talk to Orville at Dodo Airlines
    2. Select "I want visitors".
    3. Select "Through online play"
    4. Select "Roger!"
    5. Select "Invite by Dodo code".
    6. Choose "the more the merrier"
    7. Select "Yes, invite everyone".
    8. Copy the 5-digit Dodo code

    Be sure to send us the Dodo code when purchasing your Animal Crossing items. This is the only way we can visit your island and deliver your items. Once we have your 5 digit code, keep Animal Crossing online and our supplier will fly to your island.

    All items will be dropped on your island and left for you to collect. We aim to complete all deliveries within 30 minutes of receiving the Dodo code.

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    About Animal Crossing

    Animal Crossing is a life simulation game that allows players to move to a new town inhabited by adorable anthropomorphic animals and create many things freely.

    In Animal Crossing, players will fly to a deserted island provided by series manager Tom Nook and work to transform it into their own private paradise. With a variety of customization options and different materials to collect, the possibilities are endless. Plant a flower garden, hunt for fossils, decorate the house. Some new house customization options are now available too, players can transform their house into a cute little Christmas house or a pastel colored beach bungalow. In addition, players can meet the other residents on their journey to plan the perfect island vacation.

    Since Animal Crossing was first published in 2001, four series have followed and been released worldwide. They are Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons, known as ACNH, was released in 2020. The latest 2.0 update released on November 5th, 2021 added various locations like The Roost, Cafe, activities like cooking and stretching with villagers, and new island customizations through island ordinances and more, adding more fun and energy to the game.

    New Horizons runs in real time, allowing players to explore, build and enjoy recreational activities at their own pace. You have full control over how to make the most of your own deserted island.

    About Animal Crossing articles

    Animal Crossing Items are of great importance in the game, which can be used to build a strong character and have a good gaming experience. It contains the coveted themed packs, housewares, tools, accessories, clothes, flowers, food and fruit, etc. You can use ACNH items to decorate your home and other parts of the island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    (Video) Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide - 20 Things ACNH 2.0 Doesn't Tell You

    New Horizons 2.0 update added over 9000 cool and new items. There are items for beautiful island designs, from castle towers for fortifications to pergolas and pavilions for gardens. And players can also collect adorable new tops by using moss and glowing vines and adding partitions and overhead lighting to their interiors.

    Collecting items is one of the main features of the series. You have to participate in different activities to develop the island. After completing the collection, players will either keep them or sell them based on their personal needs in exchange for in-game Animal Crossing Bells.

    But creating a tool or decorating your room can take a lot of time and effort. For example, to create a beautiful bamboo room, you need to find a bamboo island, but the chance of finding a bamboo island is relatively small. So you have to keep trying until you finally get it. If you want to avoid that hassle, buying items is a quick way to get what you want. Come to MmoGah and you will find cheap Animal Crossing items for sale, plenty of choice!

    About MmoGah and why buy from us?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it safe to buy Animal Crossing Bells/Nook Miles tickets/ACNH items?

    And yes. In-game exchanges between players are inevitable. So far, no customer has been banned from purchasing Animal Crossing Bells, Nook Miles Ticket, or ACNH Items on MmoGah.

    How do I get a 5-digit Dodo code?

    Below are the answers to select when obtaining the Dodo code from Orville, Dodo Airlines NPC: I want to invite visitors → Via online game → Roger → By Dodo code → The more the merrier → Yes, invite everyone. Please note that you must play the entire first day of play to unlock the Dodo Airlines section.

    How can I turn gold nuggets into bells?

    Gold Nuggets can be sold to Nook's Cranny for 10,000 Bellseach.

    Does your themed room match the Animal Crossing fandom page?

    Do not. They are not 100% the same. Many of the themed rooms are decorated with their own creations.


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    (Video) Animal Crossing New Horizons: 9000+ NEW ITEMS REVEALED (ACNH 2.0 Update) Data-mine Details

    Animal Crossing news

    • 2021-10-27Animal Crossing 2.0 update details and something you should do

      Spring27. October 2021

      Animal Crossing expands into new waters with a free update and paid expansion on November 5th, the most significant patch for the game since its release in March 2020. Villagers, new island customizations through island ordinances, and more. Here are the top things you need to know about the upgrade and what you need to do.

    • 2021-08-26How to make more bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons

      Spring26. August 2021

      Earning money is essential for survival, whether in the game or in real life. Animal Crossing is no exception. Once you upgrade your tent into a house, all subsequent house upgrades cost Animal Crossing Bells, and the prices get pretty astronomical. So earning more Bells is becoming more and more important.

    • 2021-07-23Some elements that we want to add in Animal Crossing New Horizons

      SpringJuly 23, 2021

      Today we're taking a look at some awesome items that you might like in Pocket Camp, but you can't get New Horizons in Animal Crossing right now. We hope they find their way into Animal Crossing New Horizons in a future update. Please follow MmoGah to see if you like these articles.

      (Video) Elegant Bathroom Design w/ PILLARS & NEW ITEMS! | ACNH 2.0

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